Waterbike and no negging

Our 4th of July weekend was just about as good as it gets. We were at the Cfam cabin at Houghton Lake with the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay and their dogs Chloe Belle and Daisy, who make an occasional appearance here on this blahg of watching paint dry. And our beautiful daughter Lizard Breath and her wonderful friends from Albuquerque. Chloe Belle and Daisy have different reactions to faaaarworks. Chloe Belle doesn’t give a flying flip about faaaarworks. Daisy not so much but doggie Xanax works. And yes it was prescribed by a veterinarian and even then I think Daisy got a half dose. But it worked and as much as I hate the pharma industry and how drugs are pushed on people whether or not they need them (I think that was a “neg”…), a wee bit of Xanax for a few hours so a sweet doggy can handle some faaaarworks might not be a bad thing.

Yer fav-o-rite blahgger actually likes faaaarworks. She grew up watching them at Brady Park in Sault Ste. Siberia. And one time waaaay back in the day, she and her friend Kev took a bunch of kids in from the beach to see the faaaarworks and all of the kids plus KW rode in the back of the truck. Their father told us over and over and over about how happy he was that we took his kids into the faaaarworks. These days I think it might be illegal to even put a dog in the back of a pickup truck. Not to mention on the roof… … …

So last night we were tooling around on the Pontoon Bote up the Cut River and we saw this kid on a water-bike pulling his sister (or cousin or friend or whatever). I want one of those. Here is where we first see him. Kudos to his parents for making him wear a life jacket!


This is a bit better pic but I never did get a good one.


But here they go.


Love y’all.

One Response to “Waterbike and no negging”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the pretty ones, but not the huge booming bombs that are going off now(in broad daylight). Poor Mari is terrified!