I don’t have very much tonight. It was another day of botes and faaaarworks and walking and here is our flote bote this morning when I got up earlier than I wanted to this morning.


The “kids” went out to canoe the South Branch Ausable for the day and we “fished” and boted and walked and whatever. Friends from New Mexico are here and they report that all of the greeeeen makes them a bit dizzy. Green almost never makes me dizzy but I have lived my life in big forests. But I kind of understand. For one thing, I grew up on the great lake we know as Superior. It’s big water. But when I first went to visit Liz in SanFran, she took me to see the Pacific Ocean at Point Reyes and I got soooo dizzy with all that big water.

In the evening we took the flote bote over to the Cut River and here is the sunset shot I got on the way back across to the cabin. And I am kind of done.


One Response to “Bang!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    WOW, that sunset!! I am very used to the Pacific Ocean, but can easily get mesmerized by the waves. So elemental.