Five on a very Purple Friday

I don’t have much to say today. Work at the end of a week without almost no one there was as draggy as all getout. Except for the moment that we realized that KennyP, GoGrannyGo, and I were *again* all wearing purple on a Friday. I mean *royal* purple, not just some insipid grayish mauve color. And then GoGrannyGo and I both got spammed with about the third “security” training session since the beginning of the year so we both took that and passed with flying colors. I mean, we *all* know what phishing is (even as opposed to fishing) and piggybacking too. And even the difference between malware and spyware.

I even got to demonstrate my knowledge of piggybacking in real life a while back, a rare event in the sleepy backwater office where I work. A new employee’s badge would not let him in the door so he was “hovering” outside when I got to work. My gut feeling was that he was “okay” but I didn’t know who he was so I followed my training and told him I couldn’t let him in but I would [try to] find his boss. After a few minutes of me and FZ trying to figger out where his boss “sits” (not our division or whatever), that esteemed person materialized out of nowhere and let his new employee in. I dunno. I strongly believe in security measures in my business but a dose of common sense would solve some of these issues.

Anyway, since I am pretty much brain dead, here is a smattering of my day in pics. First up, some purple (and a lot of green (and some sorta blue)) from my walk this morning.


It rained a bit while we were being Porterized in the Oscar Tango. There was an old car show going on downtown and the GG used my phone to get this artsy fartsy photo of raindrops on I fergit what kind of vee-hickle before its owner wiped it off. I’m sure The Engineer could tell you what it was.


This was a cutie but I am not enamored of old cars in general. I like automotive vee-hickles that I can trust to get me up north and back without having to hang out at the side of the road waiting for a tow or whatever. Still he has a nice face.


This is what the sky looked like when we turned westward to trudge up the hill. In other words, we had a dry, lightning-free walk home. I think we bought a lottery ticket at the party store along the way. I doubt we’ll win but if we do, I’ll vote to give it all away because money is the root of all evil, don’tcha know. (I’ll probably be out-voted.)


Someday I will get a decent pic of this catsa.


And so love y’all and g’night.

2 Responses to “Five on a very Purple Friday”

  1. Sam Says:

    Luv ya back & hugs—

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m also not a fan of old cars–my 2002 is old enough for me. (and getting less and less reliable) We are going to badges to let us in and I lost my new one. I should probably go down and pay for another one.