Three beer afternoon

It’s okay. The Pool Boy Pensioner hardly EVER does that kind of thing EVER but he did today and he had a designated driver, namely yer fav-o-rite blahgger.

But before the three beer thing, we did the farmers market for the first time in four weeks. We were outta town for three blasted weekends in a row. I almost (but not quite) missed the pea-shelling season! And here we are chilling a bit with our coffee strategizing (sorta) grokkeries for the next week or so.


Here is my haul, which includes lettuce (of course), tomatoes, a big cuke, little potatoes, broccoli, basil (but need to harvest my own too), peas (to shell), carrots. I fergit what else. Oh yeah, sweet corn. First I’ve seen this season.


We scurried around doing all kinds of chores this morning and then we schlepped ourselves over to DayTwa to visit Lizard Breath. I have not been over to Detroit since January, which is toooo long. The GG wanted to eat at the Green Dot Stables and so we did. My favorite thing about the Green Dot is that their specialty is sliders. They are small, so I can order three and get a variety of things to eat but not feel overfull. Today the sliders I got were the quinoa, Korean, and black bean. And here is the friendly horse that greets people when they come out of the bathroom.


We didn’t have a particular agenda over in Detroit today (besides visiting our beautiful child and having lunch at the Green Dot), so we went back to Lizard Breath’s apartment to regroup a bit and then we took a walk through her neighborhood. That was a good thing. Every time we go over to visit, I want to walk the neighborhood but we always have some kind of an agenda (or the weather is awful, etc.). Today? Neighborhood garage sale. So much fun!

So we walked through the neighborhood and stopped at various garage sales and wouldn’t you know that we who are deacquisitioning found a couple of things to purchase. Like this cane that the pool boy / pensioner bought for three dollars. The seller knew that there was a compass in the cane but we are wondering if she knew there was a flask.


And then there was this. Cane plus stormtrooper?


We drove my beloved Ninja over there today and I drove us home with aplomb even through the long construction slodge by Metro while my buddy slept a bit.

2 Responses to “Three beer afternoon”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ah, the Napping Pensioner….

  2. Margaret Says:

    Those sliders sound good! Three beers, what’s wrong with that? 🙂