A lucky shuckial kind of day… And a guest post from the Grumpy Growler.

Hydro Power:
It was an electrical kind of day. We started out the day with an early morning hike down at the hydro power plant known as Barton Dam. That is not the electrical stuff that I’m going to talk about.

Circuit breaker box:


I want to put a new outlet outside on the North wall of the house. In the process of looking for a way to route electrical wire through the basement rafters, I discovered a disconnected and “Unused Electrical Wire” near the electrical box. So I began to work through the ceiling and walls to trace out where the “Unused Electrical Wire” was routed. Lucky me! It was routed towards the North side of the house.

Sparky Fireworks:
Tracing wire resulted in investigation of a switch and an outlet in the North basement. Removing the cover-plate on the electrical outlet resulted in FIREWORKS. Sparks and smoke. Yes, it tripped the electrical breaker but I was still very nervous about the possibility of a fire. No fire.

Fix Dangerous Outlet:


Well, I couldn’t just leave the outlet as it was – it needed to be fixed immediately.

The wood paneling and ceiling tiles had to be removed in order to get at the wiring. I did manage to make corrections to the wiring, the outlet junction box, and the outlet.

Hit the Jackpot:
Good news! I discovered the other end of the “Unused Electrical Wire” while fixing the outlet. The previous owners had installed the “Unused Electrical Wire” with the intent of installing an air conditioner – they never finished that project.

It was a bit difficult, but I managed to run the “Unused Electrical Wire” to the outside of the house, AND to install a new circuit breaker in the electrical breaker box. The only remaining work is to install a new electrical outlet at the end of the “Unused Electrical Wire”.


5 Responses to “A lucky shuckial kind of day… And a guest post from the Grumpy Growler.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Well, now; sometimes we get lucky in our explorations of old houses. Glad the electricity (always scary to me) adventure ended safely (despite FIREWORKS).

  2. GG Says:

    The circuit break box (electrical box) always gives me the heebie-jeebies. DO NOT LICK THE TERMINALS! In addition to the fireworks, I only got shocked one time when checking out the new outlet.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I am lost in admiration of your expertise! Great job and problem solving!

  4. jane Says:

    uh, dude. I don’t want to alarm you but there is a stick sticking thru the wall of your house. 😉

  5. Marquis Says:

    Dude, have you ever considered having the place rewired, by a professional? Looking at the photos, I see more than a few code violations. You’ve been lucky so far. You don’t want to shuck it all.