Sunday morning at the river

I do not have a whole lot today. It is hot and humid here at the Landfill and my Mouse (lately the Prince of Denmark) is trolling the Landfill Dungeon for whatever she might find for her new apartment. It is going to be a carefully curated apartment. She is moving in slowly and only taking things with her that will work well in her new space. That’s kind of how I felt when we bought the Landfill, uh, 32 years ago. Alas, my beloved parents-in-law moved to Crazy Old Florida not too long after we bought the place and I ended up with a whole crapload of furniture that I didn’t really want. I have made peace with the Green Couch* but there are some other things I want to get rid of.

*The GG’s pitch to me about taking the Green Couch was that every person in his family had been sick on that couch. I was dubious about his reason but friends, I am here to tell you that *I* have been sick on that couch multiple times. It’s not going anywhere any time soon.

A lucky-shuckial situation took our lives over yesterday. Well, the Pool Boy Pensioner’s life anyway. I did not see the sparkies and was largely oblivious, which was probably a good thing. I did things like shelling peas and walking and cleaning but not as much cleaning as I needed to. So, without further ado, a bunch of pics from our urban hike down by our beloved Barton Dam early yesterday morning. I do not know what all of the plants are 🐗 but it is a beautiful summer here and I hope your summer is wonderful too.






One Response to “Sunday morning at the river”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Summer? What’s that? It’s more like spring here. We had our hot weather early and it’s been gray and cool lately, even rainy. I haven’t had to water, and it looks like the sun is coming out. Those are good things!