Apropos of nothing, the cat was on the buffet today

Let’s see. What kind of trouble can I get into today? We have birdhouses all around our house including three that are hung at eye-level on the north wall. Sometimes during nesting season mooma bird will kind of freak me out by flying into or out of one of those birdhouses, like a few inches in front of my face. Those little birdies are FAST! This afternoon I was taking out the compost and one of the birdhouses was just rocking up a storm with little cheeps (I think the other two are empty at the moment). As I was walking by, I managed to get the pic below. I then skedaddled because I’m pretty sure I could hear mama nearby. There are at least three birdies in there because that’s how many were hanging out when I came *back* from the compost but there was no way I could get that pic.


I also went into a kind of a time warp type thingy today. It started when both facebook and my cute little Timehop app served up this picture of my 1st cousin once removed (son of my cousin) being towed into shore by an Amazon Woman after a li’l boating accident. He *does* know how to sail and he was familiar with that boat but he did dump it that day. Fortunately our little bay off of Gitchee Gumee was not too cold at the time. (I doubt he reads this blahg o’ blather but if he sees this, I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted the pic.) Those windmill thingies in the back are in Cananananada.


After that I kind of got going on the old photos and I came across a few more. Like these two Bettys sitting in the sun. The one in the white sunglasses is still alive and living down in the city of Detroit. Man oh man do I miss the other one. I love all the Bettys and I miss all of those beer afternoons with Radical Betty. And Lizard Breath has a lot to live up to since I named her after her great aunt Betty (and a whole other bunch of Elizabeths in the fam) PLUS her grandmother Frances. Fortunately she does that with aplomb. I wasn’t as good at naming my second child but I have always loved the name she chose for herself 💜 and she also lives her life with gusto and emulates her ancestors with aplomb.

Oops! As npJane has pointed out in the comments, I’ve confused sisters in the pic. That’s Bubs, not Betty. Also, given that the pic is from 2010, Betty was no longer with us. 🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗


And finally, here is The Commander threatening her fav-o-rite [not] daughter with a doggamn cane.


Love y’all,

2 Responses to “Apropos of nothing, the cat was on the buffet today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The Commander is very commanding! 🙂 Love both the names you chose for your girls and they’ve made them their own. My Alison goes by Ali, which I hate, but it’s what she wants. AliFent isn’t a great combo; luckily, she’s a small girl.

  2. jane Says:

    that second Betty? it’s Bubs. 😉