Who can I manage to misidentify today?

tiedyeroseI do not know how the heck I did that. The facts just do not add up. I have known my aunts Betty and Bubs my entire life. I know what they look like. I know the HAT Bubs was wearing in the pic (I have one just like it except mine is purple of course). I remember the hats Radical Betty wore. The *shirt* is a Bubs-like shirt, not particularly a Betty style. I know what *year* I took the pic. I know that Radical Betty died the year before. It’s been a rather unusual topsy-turvy week and I was dead taaaarrred last night but that was a pretty egregious error. I am sorry!

So, randomness from today. Three of us are celebrating a return to empty-nested-ness. Well, I’ll qualify that a bit. I’m not precisely celebrating. I absolutely loved having The Prince of Denmark around here for a month. It was fun. It was summer. She bunked [usually] in the Lyme Lounge or a hammock in the back yard. I loved bumping into her in the morning before work. In the long term though, I know she will be happier in her own space and I want to continue my flinging prodject (so she and her sister don’t have to do it for me some day🐽). I won’t give you a detailed description of the other two families. In one, the last child at home has found a job with bennies in her field. She is a “creative type” and that is not all that easy, as I understand because of my own journey. Please please please don’t start babbling about STEM and all that crapola. Artists are valuable to our culture and society and we need them. Delete rant. Finally, another friend has had daughter and husband, baby born here, and several aminals (LARGE dog) for a while. New aminal friendly (within limits) apartment for daughter and fam.

There was a forest faaaar on a portion of the eastern Yooperland North Country Trail that we have hiked many times. It was pretty quickly contained but I think our group will be avoiding that area for a while. Last time I was anywhere near there, we were slodging through a couple feet of snow… … …

That is about all. I telecommuted this afternoon but you do NOT want to know about the archaeological dig I got tangled up in. I love those digs but not when I’m telecommuting because connecting to the work server from a non-work location is s-l-o-o-o-o-w. I’ll bug FZ tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll know. (And he has a dog named Tigger…)

Oh, the Schoolteachers gave me this little fleur at their garage sale at Houghton Lake on 4th of July weekend. They are longtime friends of the CFam. I think it looks wonderful in a cute li’l cactus shot glass on a [wrinkled] tie-dyed bandanna.

Love y’all,
The imperfect human being sometimes known as Kayak Woman

One Response to “Who can I manage to misidentify today?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the flower and tie dye! Ashley will have a tricky time getting a teaching job in geography, while Alison cruised into a well-paid job with her math degree. But they both followed their passions, so it’s all OK. xoxo