I’ve drinken the Koolaid

greenieYes “drinken”, not “drunk”. Yes, the LSCHP has been known to use “have drinken” as the past participle of “drink” (I had to Google that). Y’all know what a past participle is roight? Most of y’all prob’ly do anyway. I had to Google it. I remember getting all of that stuff drilled into my head starting in grade school and it intensified in junior high with the sisters Loye and Pratt of Kleenex in bra fame. I actually loved those ladies. I loved the part of English that drilled us on things like verb conjugations (I had to Google *that* too!). I loved Drill-and-Kill in general but that’s me and it’s part of why I was always a straight-A student even though I struggled *mightily* for the first couple years of high school not to be. “Cheating” on tests to get lower grades? Yes but why…

I can’t claim to be fluent in terms of grammar and syntax any more hence all of the stuff I had to Google. I still don’t really understand the subjunctive and I’m sure I violate it all the time (don’t try to ‘splain it to me🐸). Here’s an old (2007) post about the damn subjunctive, not to mention an interesting trip to Chicago O’Hare to catch a plane to Senegal.

I can tolerate people who haven’t learned English grammar rules for whatever reason. I mean some people didn’t have Mrs. Loye or Mrs. Pratt for teachers or The Commander for a mother. Like if you were born from my mother and you wanted to use a word like “ain’t” you had better be over in the schoolyard or someplace where she couldn’t hear you. And some people use English as a second language. I’m okay with that. I wish I knew more languages than English. Me? Latin but it’s dusty (but I will *never* think of Latin as dusty! Just my knowledge of it). FORTRAN and some other computer languages.

Yeah, so the person who I have heard say “drinken the Koolaid” is the LSCHP and he is well aware that this particular past participle is not the correct one (he is fluent in more languages than I am). He uses this kind of language with those of us who understand whatever the heck he is doing to make our careers as cozy as he can without project manager nit-picking, etc. But he also uses “pitcher” for “picture” and “set” for “sit”.

The grammar stuff would annoy me if I were in a different situation with a different person but with my particular place of work, I associate it with a benevolent despot who creates a safe place for a whole bunch of folks to do their jobs without heavy supervision. He makes those “mistakes” on purpose. I love him for that 💜

3 Responses to “I’ve drinken the Koolaid”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Mistakes, deliberate or not, make people more human and approachable, which he knows! It would be difficult for me to misuse a past participle. 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    And I do understand the subjunctive. 😉

  3. Sam Says:

    Yay for mistakes on purpose that the “audience” “gets”…e.g., “aminal.”