Eating processed food and playing Pokeyman Go

spinachThat is, I haven’t yet eaten any of the food I processed today. Lemme see…

Pulverized two big bunches of basil and friends into a couple baggies of pesto for the freezer. Gotta have that stuff on hand!

Washed lettuce. Duh.

Gazpacho! (Tomatoes, green peppers, onions from the farmers market, little cukes from Farmer John at work and other ingredients from the pantry or Plum Market.)

Cleaned and trimmed teensy tinesy zucchinis and summer squashes. Enchiladas tomorrow? And maybe other stuff, def salad.

Trimmed brussel sprouts and cut up a wee red cabbage to saute with dried cherries and pecans tonight.

Husked corn for tonight with an extra couple cobs for leftovers or to use the kernels in enchiladas or salad or whatever.

Trimmed strawberries (last ones this season?) for shortcake tomorrow.

Trimmed and peeled carrots for future use, not sure when. For the longest time I thought carrots were just kind of blah. And guess what, they are! When they’ve been sitting around on a shelf for a while. Fresh outta the ground? Not so much.

I think that’s about all… Whew! Good thing I like to be on my feet moving around ’cause I sure did a lot of that today. More to do tomorrow and a family dinner tomorrow night (exotic veggie enchiladas if I can pull them off) but the day will start with an Ikea run. Don’t worry, I’m just driving the getaway car.

No, I’m not playing Pokémon Go although I am strangely intrigued by it. As one person said, “I want to say I’ll never play Pokémon Go but then I said I’d never play the cat yard game too and…” Something like that anyway.

It’s kind of funny though how fast life has changed since Pokémon Go even if you don’t play it. I was meeting Mouse at the farmers market this morning and I was engrossed in adding something to my phone grokkery list when Mouse found me. “Hey Moom, are you playing Pokémon Go?” “No, of course not, perish the thought!” Or something like that. A little later, I was over at the Plum and was standing in the bulk food aisle texting with the Grand Poohbah (subject rodent poop and chewing, etc., I know you wanted to know that) when a nice young employee asked me if I needed help. I probably need help but not the kind she was offering so I politely declined but also felt compelled to say that I was not playing Pokémon Go because there I was, staring at my phone. I mean, only a little over a week ago, I had never heard of Pokémon Go…

I cannot make myself pronounce Pokémon correctly as hard as I try (or not). Every time I hear the word, I think back to when the beach urchins were in middle school and Pokémon was all the rage (but not for the beach urchins, that I know of) and I can remember our principal MrMad standing up on the stage during the Odious Gift Wrap Fundraiser prize “celebration” and talking about “Pokeyman”. Note that MrMad managed to rope MEEEEE into standing up on the stage for that dog and pony show too. To this day, I can’t remember why I as PTO treasurer needed to be up on the stage but fortunately he did not make me talk ’cause boy oh boy, that was NOT my fave fundraiser.

Oh yeah, a little postscript to the day. I got a strange email late this afternoon from the replacement china place notifying me that they had some odd pieces in my grandmother Margaret’s pattern. When we dragged the huge box of that stuff outta The Commander’s attic a few years ago, it was 98% intact but one of the few broken pieces was a covered serving dish of sorts. I made an inquiry at the time but haven’t heard anything since. I think I found it today and yes I ordered it. I want this china to go to someone in the family. It is gorgeous but it isn’t my style and doesn’t match my house, not that anything in particular matches my house. I need to get off my duff and make that happen somehow!

Love y’all! -KW

2 Responses to “Eating processed food and playing Pokeyman Go”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Not playing Pokémon Go or any game. But I am doing a lot of reading! Your food sounds DELICIOUS.

  2. Sam Says:

    Your enchiladas have always been stellar, and this sounds like it’ll be an unusually superb version.