In which some fin/cFam gals manage to navigate Ikea and not come out with *just* *one* stuffed rat.

Can I just say that this morning’s trip to Ikea was probably my fave ever. I have a love/hate relationship with that place. We won’t go into detail about that but can I just say that the place makes me dizzy. I can’t exactly explain why but it is in the same way that I felt dizzy when I was in kindergarten and my class went up the steps at Stinkin’ Lincoln to parade our cute Halloween costumes to those Big Graders. Of course I eventually became one of those big graders and I probably ran those steps two at a time. Anyway, I felt a bit of that kind of dizziness again today when we got to the top of the Ikea escalator but I got over it, especially when I saw this cute l’il birdie tucked into one of the showcase displays. After that, I was okay. I didn’t even get dizzy in that last huge warehouse type self-serve place!


I took a wonderful trip to my mouse’s new apartment and then to Ikea today. I loved her new apartment (although I will miss the Prince of Denmark’s encampment at my house). She needed something like the Frog Hopper to haul home the kitchen cart/island and a few other things and I am always happy when my very independent adult children ask me for help with something.

Her new apartment is lovely and here are a few little vignettes from it and then good night. Family dinner in the back yard here on the beauteous Garden Planet Ann Arbor tonight with Bequet’s lawnmower on the other side of the arbor.




One Response to “In which some fin/cFam gals manage to navigate Ikea and not come out with *just* *one* stuffed rat.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lovely when our kids move out, but sad too. I enjoyed having both my girls home, although I wouldn’t want them living with me full-time. I am a hater of IKEA, having shopped for stuff there in NYC (actually Brooklyn) and then dealing with other IKEA put togethers in Santa Monica. TOO MUCH WORK!