Big Bang

bangIt was 10-something AM at Cubelandia. The Inimitable KennyP was at her station collecting lunch orders.

Pause… Cubelandia is far enough away from any restaurants that our building mom orders lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for those who can’t take a long enough lunch hour to go out and obtain food. I am not one of those people. For one thing, nobody really cares much how long my lunch takes. Also, I am an inveterate packer of leftovers for lunch. I fill a very small container with leftovers, almost always stuffing some salad in on the top and some sort of fruit as a side. Oh, and sometimes some little chocolate pieces but I seem to be on an off-phase with those, at least for the moment. I could say I save money that way but given that I spend lots of money on the food my leftovers come from, it probably doesn’t work out that way.

Lurch. People were ordering lunch and life was humming along when BANG!!! Everyone in the building heard it. Except meeee because I was outside taking a quick loop around the building. When I came back various people were kind of agitated and GoGrannyGo was circling around in QA/BA row looking stressed out and whispering about birds flying into windows. What happened here?

I walked around to KP’s desk to make an inquiry and what had HAPPENED was that two Canada Geese had crashed into the windows of Cubelandia. TWO!!!! KP turned around in time to see them fall down into the bushes outside her window, where they thrashed for a bit and, uh, died (sorry). She called animal control and after a couple hours they had been removed. I grew up on a beach (in the summer) and when you grow up on a beach, dead things wash ashore all the time and sometimes they die *on* the beach. I can deal with walking around dead decaying fauna on a beach. Sitting in an office with dead geese in the bushes at eye level? No. Please no. The Inimitable KennyP handled it all with aplomb as usual.

So yes, today’s pitcher is of Cubelandia’s exterior where the geese crashed into the window. This is where I work, folks. I love it there. This place and the people I work with have so many times been a respite from some of the other parts of my life. Not that my life is all that bad because it isn’t 💜

2 Responses to “Big Bang”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Poor geese! That must have been disturbing. I bring left overs for lunch too, mostly. Sometimes box lunches that I buy on sale at the store with a fruit of some kind.

  2. Jay Says:

    Ashlan immortalized one goose’s decay to bones a few years ago. I think she tagged it Goosewatch# (or however you instagram). Turns out there is a wine that uses that hashtag as well.