I was looking for pictures of me in the Methodist church basement for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary. I know they are out there. I remember that I wasn’t all that crazy about the dress we bought for that. I was partial to a floral design with puffed sleeves. The Commander talked me into a more “elegant” design. Me? Elegant? Not so much but I can be but not in the usual way that you are thinking of.

Anyway, I didn’t find pictures of me in the basement of the Methodist church basement for that party but I did find pics of me and some cousins at Jeep and Pan’s wedding, which was around the same era.

First there is me and my brother. I am wearing a dress that I don’t think I liked.


Here is one of the kids’ tables down in the basement of the church. You can see me and my brother and my Regen cousins and our good friends, the Mullin twins.


Here is The Commander aka my mother with the cake that she made for the wedding.


And here are the beautiful bride and groom. What can I say? I loved them then and we love them now and that is kind of all I can say.


One Response to “Reflections”

  1. jan miller Says:

    What fun to see these pictures!! 52 years ago! How can that be. Love you too!! Jan