Switching to Daz

twoshoesThis wasn’t exactly the start to my morning but it threatened to define the working part of my day. Things were rolling along smoothly for the early part of the morning. I took my walk (I wore blue Keen sandals like the red one on the left). I came home and emptied the dishwasher and flung some laundry around and watered what few plants there are to water this year and took the compost out and ate a bit of brek and then I got into the Ninja and took the usual slow roll over to Cubelandia, dropping my absentee ballot into the mail along the way. Parked at Cubelandia and walked halfway across the parking lot and… Hmmmm… “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Oooooooooooops, two different shoes. How the heck did I do that?

You guys, I am not a fashion plate. I wear a “uniform” to work every day. It approximates some version of bizcaz. But I actually have enough pride to decide that I could not wear that particular “pair” of sandals ALL DAY at work. So… I schlepped ALL THE WAY HOME AND BACK to change my left sandal. Jeebus is about all I have to say.

The day did not improve for a while as people were uncharacteristically worried about us being in a “crunch” with all kinds of people including yer fav-o-rite blahgger taking vacay in the imminent future. In the interest of getting work done before vacay, I almost *missed* a twice-rescheduled meeting about some stuff I need to write up. We won’t describe how I did that. I *wanted* to be there. But I had to be sought out (weren’t you on the invite? yes I was🐽) after it started. I couldn’t dredge up my current paper notes on that project from the mess on my desk and so I was somewhat unprepared and for a while I was hanging out on the Tower of Babel listening to a couple of (beloved) people who are more familiar with different institutional vocabularies than I am.

Translation was painful but in the end I got what I needed outta that meeting and when I turned it into functional requirements (informal ones) and sent it off to Mr. Nyet (who had asked me to send him a “summary”) and some others, I received a one-word response. The word had an exclamation point on it. The word was “Perfect”! I yelled out “DAZ” and all I can say is that hilarity ensued.

2 Responses to “Switching to Daz”

  1. Sam Says:

    I haven’t done the shoe/sandal switch-off, but I have done inside-out-shirt and mis-matched buttons, but only around the house and to TJs. On second thought, that doesn’t sound…good.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve worn a sweater backward and underwear inside out(many times) but never two different shoes. 🙂