I will ride bus

Here we are sitting in the Oscar Tango at the edge of downtown celebrating the start of an “epic” 2-week vacation for me. It is the first time I have taken off two consecutive weeks in the nine years I have been working over at Cubelandia. We are at our usual Friday night spot here on the Planet Ann Arbor, the Oscar Tango, and we are with our A2 / Birch Point Beach buddies of porterization, as usual. We will all be making our way north tomorrow morning, although morning has a different definition for us than it does for our friends, i.e., we will be up and outta Dodge as early as possible with Lyme Lounge in tow.


We had to walk through a couple blocks of art fair to get to the bus station to catch the 32A (yes, they have changed the routes) back over to the west side so I guess you could say I went to the art fair.


“I will ride bus.” That is what the King of Cryptic Text Messages sent out to a select group this afternoon. I received it just as I was setting up for part two of one of those meetings from hell this afternoon. “Let the madness continue, straight jackets will be handed out at the door” was included in the invitation the Tall Boss sent out. W1.5 and FZ were in there and when I read it to them, they totally cracked up. It doesn’t take much for those of us chained up over in Cubelandia. Anyway, the KofCTM did indeed ride the bus downtown (and subsequently sent me another text “in bus” with a pic of being “in bus”). I walked down but we both “rode bus” home.


The contention didn’t continue into today’s meeting. The Benevolent Despot had been recruited to actually attend it as a squelch factor but he was playing with his phone the whole time. I was able to publish the document related to *that* meeting as well as another rather more squishy one by the end of the afternoon and I think it was enough to get the dev team rolling for the next couple weeks so I will not have to telecommute. The Benevolent Despot seemed ready to get rid of me for a while, i.e., here’s a HIGH defect for you but it can wait until you get back [yawn]. And yes, it will wait and two weeks will go toooooo fast and I’ll be back butt in seat before you know it.


And so farewell to The Gorgeous Garden Planet Ann Arbor. For a while. We’ll be back. It is so hard to leave our beautiful home down here on the Planet and yet it will be equally as hard to leave the moominbeach when it is time to return here. 💜

P.S. I cannot believe how many typos I have already corrected in this post of blather. If you find more, lemme know. Sigh…

2 Responses to “I will ride bus”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Happy trailers to you, until we meet again … hopefully this Trigger’s some thought.
    Your durn totin’, we’re gonna mount up and ride north tamarra, once we get those dagum mules up.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Happy vacation! Enjoy your time away. It is wonderful to have the chance to visit there, and will be equally precious to return home. I love to go places and love to get back home. A weird dynamic.