Water walk with me

I am not crazy about driving the I75 SUV Freeway while pulling a trailer but I can do it and I did it today, for hours and hours and we got all the way to Brimley and were driving the last couple of miles and there was this…


It was okay. It was just a rear-end thing and no one seemed to be injured (thank you) so we got through and I wouldn’t have posted the pic if it had been anything worse.

The Commander and Radical Betty would *always* take a water walk to Doelle’s and back in the late afternoon on a hot summer day. I often went with them, sometimes with a small beach urchin or two in tow. Today I took a memorial water walk to Doelle’s and back. I found stuff like this.


And then there were these people… 💜


And here is my new facebook profile pic. Shameless shameless shameless heee heee hee. New bathing suit but looks almost exactly like 15-year-old one… …


And then some cousins and their dogs came over and sat with us on our deck. <3


And finally, I did what I loved to do during my entire life as a young parent. Sit on the beach and watch kids swim. My children, my nieces, my cousins’ kids and any other kid who happened to be around. The [ulp] 30-year-olds don’t need me to watch them but I love watching them anyway.


One Response to “Water walk with me”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lovely vacay so far!! My swimsuits are ancient (20+ years old) and still fit, so I don’t anticipate a new one any time soon. 🙂