Sprinkly day

Actually, my early morning walk was in rain and the cute li’l blue skirt I wore for that is still drying out. I had a rain jacket on but no bumbershoot. I went out again in the mid morning. Our much needed rainstorm had largely ended by then but we had very very light sprinkles off and on throughout the day. Actually, after Lizard Breath reluctantly left for Megalopolis, the GG and I spent most of the afternoon sitting down on the bank. Was it a beach day? Well, yes. Because it was beautiful and warm down there and the sprinkles were pretty easily tolerable most of the time. So, here are some pics from today, *very* lightly commentated. In the first, I loved the clouds. The nearer point we can walk to. The farther one is our beloved neighbor Cananananada, across the St. Marys River (no apostrophe).


Bonus insect in this next one 🐸. I love bonus insects, don’t you?



This next pic seems to show a harbinger of The Next Season, aka Fall. Actually, although I know nothing about botany, I don’t think this particular plant is a reliable predictor of that season. I dunno what it is but I think it always has red leaves in the summer. A mutant? I dunno.


Those beautiful patterns the “sawdust” makes on the beach as the water goes in and out.


A little giftie my beloved daughter gave me before she left today. Lichen. She put it on my arm. Eventually I moved it over to one of our intermittent deck railings, the ones the GG designed and built when we became worried about octogenarians falling off the deck.


And then there was this *not* a bonus insect. I found this plant and an insect earlier today when I took a western kind of walk without my phone [gasp]. I went back and… Initially there wasn’t an insect. But within the space of maybe 10 seconds, several insects flew in and out. This is one of them.


Good night and love to all of my nine readers.

2 Responses to “Sprinkly day”

  1. Sam Says:

    You cheer me up.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Seeing beauty in the small things is what life is all about. Love the pics. Most of the time rain doesn’t hold me back from doing what I want. Hail or strong wind, yes.