Float and read. Float and read Paddle.

I helped launch the GG on a read and float kayak expotition this morning. The water was flat calm and here he goes.


I loved loved loved watching my triplet teenaged 1st cousins twice removed and their friends on paddle boards this afternoon. So glad they are living there. (Missing C*Q*L though). I heard one of the girl triplets say something like, “We’re gonna make mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken nuggets. I so remember those days. 💜

A Yellow-shafted Flicker hit the front picture window here today. Often, the birds who hit our windows recover and fly away but alas, this one did not make it and is now in our freezer awaiting I’m not sure what. Triplet Moom next door told me that they had a dead turtle. When I told the GG about the dead turtle, he was all excited, “Where is it?!”. We had such a beautiful beach day that we never got a dead aminal exhibit going but it was all fun.

Later in the afternoon, the GG took a nap in the Lyme Lounge and I took the purple kayak out. I didn’t read. I paddled.


I did a few little cleaning prodjects today including cleaning out the purple kayak and then we sat down on the beach with my Regen cousins in the late afternoon and then… The GG could not find his iPhone. Jeebus! Various gyrations ensued and I kept saying FIND MY IPHONE! and eventually that’s how he found it. And yes, it was underneath the sand where he had been sitting. It is okay and I am glad he found it but anyone who has grown up on a beach knows that the sand swallows things fast. I can remember when girls that I grew up with lost rings (from their boyfriends) in the sand and we usually did not find them. Same with an iPhone. Never carry your iPhone on a beach unless it is in a secured pocket or basket or whatever.

2 Responses to “Float and read. Float and read Paddle.”

  1. l4827 Says:

    We recently lost a pair of metal fire pit (beach fire) tongs. We found them on the beach only after having to use a magnet for searching.

  2. Margaret Says:

    The sand does shift quickly and cover up things! It looks so idyllic. I love nothing more than reading with blue sky and a water view. 🙂