Field trip

Given that it was foggy and a bit windy this morning, I think it was a good choice for a day trip. We headed down to Iggy and got the GG a [uh] “senior” pass to the state parks. I guess it saves us money when we want to camp (which I will only do if I can get to a damn shower). It’s okay and I’m glad that we save money but I still struggle to understand why these benefits are for “older” folks who, well, often but not always, can afford to pay full price. Anyway, we crossed the Bridge and headed over to Wilderness State Park and we drove out all the way to the end and if you embiggen a couple of times and squint a little bit, you may be able to see the Big Mac way over there. Or not. But try. I have never been to Wilderness State Park before and I loved it!


Our goal today was Cross Village where Our Northern Correspondent was taking a quill box class with her husband. Porcupine quills, that is. The Commander did a wee bit of quill work way back in the day and I’ll tell that story some other time. As we snaked our way down from Wilderness to Cross Village, we crossed our beloved North Country Trail a few times.


Next stop, the Three Pines Studio and Gallery. Our Northern Correspondent spotted us as we walked by the studio windows. I know she was surprised to see us and it was so much fun. We were given a mini-tour of the class and got to meet the teacher and her children. The teacher was sorting a large box of quills by size, etc. I so wanted to take a picture of that box of quills but didn’t out of respect. She said it was a *half* porcupine but man oh man there were a lot of quills in there. This gallery wasn’t *all* about quill boxes and some of you have seen the GG in his element on facebook or Instagram.


I took over driving after Cross Village and navigated the tunnel of trees (M119 in Michigan) down to Harbor Springs and eventually into Petoskey, where we grabbed lunch at the Mitchell Street Pub. I had the spinach salad. It had bacon and hard-boiled eggs and that wee bit of protein plus all of the veg was enough for me. And sorry but I do not light up quite like this.


And then, I steered the Frog Hopper up US31 to the I75 SUV Speedway and back up across the Big Mac and home. We are tired and so are you (and you are also bored). G’night, -KW.

2 Responses to “Field trip”

  1. l4827 Says:

    When we were there this spring, we stopped at the Good Hearted grokerey store. Although it was on a northbound treck, it was nice to see after the 22 miles of trees.

  2. Sam Says:

    I very much enjoy the “tunnel of trees” especially if there’s no overloaded contractor-pickup weaving in front of me. Another time for that story…. 😉