Laudromat Blues

sunriseI meet up with my coffee buddies every Thursday at Barry Bagels. I wasn’t down on the Planet Ann Arbor today and so I missed our meeting. Normally I wouldn’t even think about this but one of my coffee buddy’s youngest child was severely injuried in a car accident a few weeks ago and so I am particularly missing my coffee buddies today…

So, I was hanging out in the Up North Laundromat this morning. It is close to the Soo Locks and also Ashmun Street, so while my stuff was in the washing musheen, I walked over to Book World on Ashmun and bought some colored pencils to go with the “adult” coloring books I bought last year for the cabin. And then I walked the locks. I was ready to give up my teensy tinsey little purse for inspection but nobody came out of the guard shack or whatever. Some workers *outside* the gate hailed me with a friendly, “It’s okay, just go in”. And it was and I walked around the locks park until I figured my laundry had been washed. I hung around while things dried because the drying process takes some finesse.

I will say that when I checked out the laundromat when I was just waking up this morning, Google Maps said it didn’t open until 9:00 AM. When I got there, all of the doors were wide open and a sign said it opened at 7:00 AM. If I had known that, I wouldda been there earlier but probably not at 7 AM. But it all worked out and it’ll be interesting when Meijer moves into town.

I spent a lot of time reading on the bank today. Finished “A Darker Shade of Magic” and loved it although I had to take breaks because lots of blood and violence. Started “Barkskins” and loving it so far. Made a version of chicken shwarma tonight. Pretty dern good. And the GG has headed down to sit on the bank and I think I will join him to watch the sun set. (And not listen to polly-tickle stuff on NPR).

One Response to “Laudromat Blues”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad for the great reading and delicious food! Not so glad about the political stuff, which I’m trying to ignore. (not very successfully!)