Elevated walkways

On my walk this morning, I met up with an old friend. She said that she saw me (on her walk) all the way down at Doelle’s and was thinking by my “youthful” stride that it couldn’t be 62-year-old me, that it must be one of my daughters. Naw, it was me. My friend is older than me but also very spry. I was flattered because I’m not sure I could keep up with this “older” woman if I had to 🐸

So I got back from my walk and the GG proposed a wee hiking trip to the Tahqua Trail section of the North Country Trail. I had been daydreaming about Tahquamenon Falls but wasn’t quite up to a trip up there. The Tahqua Trail? Yes. So we rolled on up thru the res and the Curley Lewis and hung a right at M123 and stopped here at the rest area just north of the mouth of the Tahquamenon River. (When I was a kid, it took a few hours to get here, if you took the shore route. Not so much now.)

So we got to the Tahqua Trail today and I saw how beautiful the light was at the mouth of the Tahquamenon River today and I said STOP in that rest area and I got this beautiful pic.


Can I just say that the outhouses at this rest area are stellar. I used one and I did not even get a whiff of human excrement. It actually smelled *good* in there but not an overpowering scent.

After our stop there, we parked up on the Tahqua Trail to do a mini-hike. For many years, this section of North Country Trail went along a road. Not fun. Our Hiawatha Shore-to-shore NCT chapter managed to re-route parts of that trail into the woods, building elevated walkways where they were necessary. The GG was involved in the re-routing prodject and helped build 20 elevated walkways.Beautiful section of trail and easy to hike.

Hiking pics below, lightly captioned.


An elevated walkway that the GG helped build.



The graffiti is new but the rusted tin can is old. Not sure why but it seems to stay there.


Today we walked 13 of the 20 elevated walkways, #6 through #18. Beautiful walk!


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  1. Margaret Says:

    Gorgeous photos! I always hesitate to use an outhouse. Some of them are vile.