And the beach goes on

Mostly pics today beginning with this crayfish claw.


My beach walk was foggy this morning. Alas, the Algolake was not sitting out on the other side of Light 26. The Paul Tregurtha was upbound and the Gott was downbound and the fog was not apparently thick enough to impede their progress.


Here is a late afternoon pic. I was sitting with my Regen cuzzints here. We swam together along with their significants and some younger Finfam cousins and friends. There were other folks around that I didn’t know very well and I was concerned to see small children not very well supervised. The water on our beach is shallow until after the second sandbar. There aren’t any dropoffs or undertows but I was brought up to be vigilant about watching children around water. It only takes an inch to drown a small child. Alas, I didn’t know who these children belonged to. And the beach goes on.


And then we were porterized. We had planned to sit down on the bank just above the beach but it was like an inferno down there in the late afternoon sun (remind me about this in January) so we sat on the moomincabin deck instead.


And so the beach goes on. Love y’all. KW

One Response to “And the beach goes on”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Water and kids–scary combo. Things can happen fast. We have so much water here in WA that there are always tragedies.