Hot Day

And it was hot and that is certainly not unheard of here but so many summers it is not all that hot here. I began my day with a catastrophe of sorts. I walked to the end of the beach and took a picture of something and then, dun dun dun, I was halfway back to the moomincabin and I wanted to take another pic and… My. Iphone. Would. Not. Power. Up. I walked to the other end of the beach and then back to the cabin and I waited until the GG had gotten up and taken his shower and then… My iPhone is dead. By that time, I had googled where I could obtain a new iPhone in Sault Ste. Siberia (AT&T store where we once got The Commander one and Woldemort). Of course, the GG commandeered my phone and within 10 minutes or so, got it going again.

He left me with this loverly pic, which I didn’t notice until hours later. When I saw it, I was wondering who took the pic and then, hmmm, who was coming in or out the back door. Well, duh, it’s me in my little blue skirt.


This is from my second beach walk. My first is very early in the morning. My second is After Chores and before the sun hits the beach although it is lighting up the water but good.


We decided on a simple quesadilla dinner for tonight so I schlepped up to the park store to get some ingredients. It’s three miles from the moomincabin so I can’t quite backpack my way there, alas, but it’s a good store and has some interesting little perks.


This what HOT looks like in the late afternoon on the Moominbeach. Mouse and I took a memorial Commander and Radical Betty Water Walk to Doelles at this time of day.


Those aminals are hiding a politically incorrect t-shirt that, at this point in history, can probably only be worn within the confines of the owner’s home. Trust me, it’s worse than the Shaky Jake tank top that he tried to wear the day we transferred umpteen thousand dollars in cash from one Planet Ann Arbor bank to another when we were buying our loverly Landfill.


And here is that same person making a small dent into the prodject of re-painting the moomincabin deck. It was a small dent and then he ate dinner and we walked the beach.


And I am about dun dun dun. Love y’all!

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