Acquiring objets d’art for the Kiwanis Thrift Shop

I didn’t acquire all of these objects so Kiwanis will not get them all from me. Some of them I already own or someone else already owns or they are ephemeral creations. First up is this fascinating tin over at the Old Cabin.


Here is Big *ss. My dad began a mug collection after he retired from his small town banking career. That was not necessarily a good thing as it became difficult for The Commander to find places to put the mugs. Many of his mugs have made their way to various places (but I don’t *think* to the Kiwanis Thrift Shop). Big *ss is one that remains. It was one of dad’s faves and I note that every time the GG makes coffee in the morning, he serves mine in this cup.


We were over at the Old Cabin this morning talking to our cousins about the next battle with the powderpost beetles. Jay Judas will not be there to engineer returning various pieces of furniture to their regular places. Some Finfam gals have been recruited to make that happen and we will rise to the occasion!


We had five errands in town today. Recycle center, ART FAIR, hardware store (for MM vac bags), lunch (Kenny’s Pitchen), and SuperValu for a few grokkeries. Mouse drove us in our Frog Hopper and we made it in and out and did all of those things in a little more than two hours.

We bought some “sh*t on a stick” at the art fair and I was looking for the guy who makes these buggies. We also bought a mouse with a Swiss cheese dress but I didn’t photograph her because she’s going down to the Planet Ann Arbor to live in the Landfill backyard and I will post her pic from there. But here’s the buggie we bought.


I mentioned Ann Arbor when I bought the buggie and the artist asked (as artists often do) if I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair(s). I do but not. I used to LOVE to go to the art fair and walked all over it but couldn’t afford anything much. Then ror a long time, there was a jeweler whose work I LOVED (I *found* them at the Sault art fair) and I would seek them out. Alas, they are long dead. This year, I worked Thursday and Friday and we drove up here on Saturday. This year, we walked from the Oscar Tango to the bus station so I guess I could say I went to the art fair(s) but really not so much since I was so focused on catching the bus that I didn’t look at anything.

At today’s art fair we passed the ceramics booth where The Comm would always buy a few little vases. We’re calling these Grandma Vases.


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