Painter of light

The light is ever-changing at the moominbeach. Actually, the light is ever-changing everywhere but it is easier to see the ever-changing light at the moominbeach. Last evening, we walked the beach at sunset. After a long almost insufferably hot sunny day (but we try not to complain about that around here because January), we had somewhat overcast skies. Until. We got down to BJ’s end of the beach and this entity made a rather dramatic appearance.


As we turned back toward the moomincabin, we were greeted by this rather unearthly scene.


Not all that much later, Mr. Golden Sun provided us with this beautiful sunset, albeit not the most spectacular sunset we have ever seen here. Silhouettes of Finfam cuzzints and outlaws are in the foreground. It got kind of moe-skee-toey just a bit after this. It is an uncharacteristically bug-free summer here and we decided we were dun dun dun at that point. I think most of us were ready to crash anyway, even our token 20-something.


And then there was this morning, taken from about the same place I took the alien photooo above.


Lots of opportunities for photos of light throughout the rest of today, as big black clouds to the west seemed to portend thunderstorms but the weather map painted a different pitcher with all of the storms passing to the south of us. I didn’t take pics. If you are connected to Lizard Breath on Instagram, you may have seen her pic of that storm system as she was approaching it. She made it through with nothing more than rain. We could’ve used some of that here but only got a few drops.

Veering off to a different topic, according to facebook/timehop, one year ago today Mouse and I put our wool socks and whatever else and declared it to be a Beach Day *anyway*. I don’t have a specific memory of the weather that particular day and the photoooo below doesn’t show it. I couldn’t have been warm if we were wearing socks. I packed two pairs? of smart wool socks this summer. I have not worn either of them yet.


I thought I had more to say but I guess I don’t. You’re welcome.

One Response to “Painter of light”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The light on the trees is incredible! Great photos!