Long lost treasures

westernsongsOur “plan” for emptying The Commander’s house after her death in 2012 involved the moomincabin garage. I put “plan” in quotes because we didn’t really make a detailed plan. We did get rid of some things almost immediately (clothing) and furniture, etc., went various places although some of that still remains (most of which was my grandmother’s). But we kind of made it up as we went along and we used the moomincabin garage as an intermediate processing station. It is largely cleaned out nowadays except for garage-y type stuff. To my eyes, there is toooooo much garage-y stuff but I try to put blinders on about that stuff.

Anyway, I found some treasures today. Ones I had been missing. There was The Commander’s gold sequined baseball cap. After Grandroobly died, The Comm and I were walking into the Soo post office one time and a woman who was walking out was wearing a gold sequined baseball cap. The Comm didn’t say anything but I could see her jaw drop. Oh yes, she needs one of those. And so I ordered one off the internet and she had one and I found it again today.

I found a lot of stuff including a bunch of pairs of white glubs. Not the warm kind, the kind you wore to church and formal dances, etc., when I was a kid. My Mouse will end up with those because theatre. I remember having my own pair of very short white glubs when I was a little kid and maaayybe even aspiring to wear longer white glubs. I actually did wear a version of those glubs to my first high school formal dance. I was a sophomore and I went to the Military Ball with Bad Boyfriend. I still have the dress. Not because I am nostalgic about the dance. I am more nostalgic about buying the fabric at the Textile Shop over in Sault, Ontario, and that The Commander made my beautiful dress. Bad Boyfriend told his mom that I looked like a doll that night. That was nice and they were good people but I was much better off that he dumped me and I ended up married to the GG 💜

Anyway, the pic shows one of the things that I have been missing for a while now. It is the record album of western songs that my parents played frequently when I was a young child. It is not country-western stuff. The Comm HATED that stuff (even though some of her ancestors who landed in Kentucky, etc., probably sang/played it). The Comm? Much more “cultured”. College educated with a good job at the J.L. Hudson’s store down in Detroit back in the day. And yet, the parents spent WWII out in the southwest and developed a taste for western swing or whatever you want to call it.

I’ve been wondering where this record album was for a while now. I have a bunch of their records down at the Landfill but this one wasn’t there. I stumbled upon it today. There was a whole big box of records in the garage and I saw that red tape and I knew what record that was. I hope it still plays…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems like there are always more treasures to find. I need to clean out Patt’s side of the garage; I’m sure I’ll find some interesting stuff.