In which taking a few Green Bags of municipal solid waste to dump it turns into a 4-hour excursion

The garbage dilemma continues. When my parents were still around, they paid for a weekly garbage pickup while they were here at the moomincabin. I do NOT mind paying for a garbage pickup one iota but even the spendthrift in me cannot rise to the occasion of paying Waste Management (or anyone) a monthly fee for a garbage pickup that I will likely need ONCE a summer. We can haul garbage back to our garbage cart on The Planet Ann Arbor and we will haul some there but two weeks worth can be difficult. Fortunately, our friend Hamlet, who suffers a similar situation, has discovered Green Bags. You purchase them at the gas station and after you fill them, you can drop them off in the maintenance center of the Bay Mills Indian Community, directly across from the Kings Club Casino.

So began an odyssey albeit a fun odyssey! When we got to the Green Bag dropoff place, it wasn’t open yet. It opened at 10. Okay, that’s fine, we’ll have a cappuccino at the Dancing Crane. We were planning on that anyway. Here we have the GG checking out the usual kind of stuff that he checks out and then Mouse posing under the sign.



Since we were at the Dancing Crane, we figured we should go to the Iroquois lighthouse and a few of us took a variation of this pic.


And so if you go to the lighthouse, you *have* to go up to the Spectacle Lake overlook.


We walked across the road from the overlook into the Mission Hill cemetery. A lot of these graves are decorated, at least at this time of year. Not all of the graves are Native Americans but seeing the names on the stones, I think a lot are. I wanted to take pics all over the place but I didn’t want to be disrespectful and post gravestone names in my photos. I did like this little waterer and I don’t think that she minds being on my baggy old blahg and I did NOT leave my purse in the graveyard!


After all of this, it was lunchtime and so we went to Pickles for lunch and beer/whine.


After that I swung around in the chitchen for a bit and then I kicked myself into taking a beach walk. We have big waves today and not a whole lot of beach and so when I returned from Doelle’s I helped The Beautiful Jan pull stuff up onto the bank just in case. The Beach Urchins were heading down to Our Northern Correspondent’s house to learn how to pick and cure sweetgrass. I took a bit of a break and then I headed down the road to meet up with them.


So here is Mouse with feathers in her sunhat.


Here is the sweet grass that they picked. (I was just hanging out, not focused enough to learn anything.)




And yes, processing sweet grass includes whine and pie. We had some whine but we declined the pie. That was for Ray.


Yes we did drop off our green bags. Thanks to our friends of porterization for letting us know about this method of disposing of municipal solid waste aka garbage. It is amazingly easy and pretty doggamn cheap to boot.


Good night. We have one more day here until it’s time to come back and close the place up. The night before we drove up here I basked in the back room at the Landfill. Tomorrow night I will bask here. It’s wonderful to live in two places but so hard sometimes. Love The Planet Ann Arbor. Love the Moominbeach. Love y’all.

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