There but for the grace of god go I?

dogtrailerI know what I did all day today (and you don’t want to). I dunno what this guy (and his little dog) did all day. I saw him this morning here, at the Ellsworth/Lohr intersection and then I saw him again on my way home at the side of the road by the airport. This is a crappy pic as you might expect from somebody who is sitting at the light with her mouth hanging open (whaaaa?) and wondering if she has enough time to open her phone cam, then scrambling to do that. It is a very unwieldy trailer with a cute little dog scrambling on top of that “bundle” of whatever it is. There is a sign flapping around in the back. I only got a glimpse of what it said. I think it asked for money but the guy wasn’t actively soliciting so I dunno.

This wasn’t the only weird sidewalk entity I saw today. Moments before this, someone on a garishly decorated recumbent bike (was it recumbent or am I making that up?) rolled through the same intersection going a different direction. Then on the way home, there was a young man running down S. Maple carrying a big American flag. *I* was on S. Maple because the westbound I94 18-wheel Slogway was backed up. Again. Sigh. Traffic is weird in Sault Ste. Siberia but it is rarely heavy. I still don’t want to move there.

And then there was the whole robot vacuum cleaner/dog poop thing. A beloved and well-meaning relative tagged me on facebook with an article about some people who program their Roomba to run at a set time in the middle of each night. Problem. One night the dog pooped before Roomba took off and then, while the family slept, the Roomba dragged dog poop all over the house.

A few things…

1. My timeline is locked down (i.e., I have to approve adding things that I am tagged in to it). I approve VERY few things. I did not approve this one. Facebook seems to have turned into a free-for-all of re-posts from all sorts of sources, some of them not any where near reliable. I don’t mind when people share things (I do it occasionally too) but some folks almost exclusively “just hit share” and go on their merry way without fact-checking. Sometimes they do that 25 times in 20 minutes. Too much. Well, TC (childhood friend) gets a pass because the stuff he shares appeals to my warped sense of humor (and he shares waaaaay less than 25 times in 20 minutes).

2. I was curious because I am a card-carrying Rooooooomba owner and I wondered if this was true (I do not own a dog). I didn’t do in-depth research on this but if you do a quick google for, say, “roomba dog poop”, it seems as though this kind of thing is a legitimate problem.

3a. Okaaaaaayyy… I do not have a dog. I love dogs (when they don’t bite or jump up on me) and *they* *mostly* like me (except for the two who have tried to bite me in my life). In my adult life, there is no room for dogs in my house. I do not want to be letting a dog in and out of the house (and building a fence so it can’t get out of the yard). I do not want to be cleaning up after a dog. Dog poop, dog hair, dog vomit, spilled kibble, whatever. Do. Not. Want. To. Do. It. I love the occasional visiting dog and don’t mind the cleaning-up-after. Current dogz who occasionally visit are our beloved CFam dogs Chloe Belle and Daisy plus Mia-pet, an elegant black dog who Lizard Breath occasionally borrows and brings over.

3b. I would never program my Rooooomba to vacuum at some automatic time, especially in the middle of the night. She is pretty good at avoiding trouble but occasionally she does run into something that stops her. Well, not to mention that The Landfill is not all that big a house and having Rooooomba running around would probably disrupt the GG’s sleep… Which would disrupt mine…

3c. Finally. I LOVE Rooooomba. But she does not do it all and I have a whole arsenal of vacuum cleaners to do the things that Rooooomba can’t. Like the ancient Electrolux from my uncle’s doctor office in the 1950-60s that STILL WORKS. It does the stairs and dust and spider webs and things. And the shop vac for the icky stuff (but probably not dog poop). And the Hoover upright, which I hate (partly because it’s kind of broken) but the GG loves to use it to clean the Man Cave back living room. Alas, dog poop probably needs to be cleaned up by hand, not vacuum cleaner. The sooner, the better.

Love y’all, KW. And heading to Knight’s soon with npJane <3 Yes it'll be the second night in a row. That's okay :-)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Facebook is driving me crazy for your reasons(and a few others) so I’m off for a while. I will miss it in many ways. If my girls tell me that they intend to post from Norway(Alison) or Senegal(Ashley), I’ll have to get back on. No desire for a dog either. A cat is enough work!