Bertha Butt is Back

I am earning my paycheck these days oh boy oh boy but feeling like a wrung-out dishcloth by the time I get home. I am not complaining. I think my work is going through an adjustment period and we are kind of going over a hump, so to speak, at the moment. Now that I am no longer on vacation, I have got my eye on that hump and am feeling strong enough to help push us over it, so I am up to my elbows in html/css/javascript, Visio, Word, Excel, Snagit, reading, writing, critical thinking, and all of the other tools of my trade. I think I have said (probably multiple times 💩) that this is the first time in my NINE YEARS at Cubelandia that I have taken an entire two weeks off. I felt a bit guilty about leaving for that long at that time but, when a “crisis” came up at the last minute, The Benevolent Despot said something like, “Git outta here and we’ll deal with it when you get back.” I felt so goooooood after that two weeks! Oh yeah, and it is hot here but I’m not complaining because January. Not to mention that it is not as hot as it is a lot of other places. We have yet to turn on our newfangled (2005) central A/C.

So, we’re going to Knights and here are some sunset pics from the end of last week. Those “kids” (average age 30) out there swimming? I was counting heads, like I have done since, well, likely since before I had my own children. That’s what you do when you grow up on a large body of water like Gitchee Gumee. Actually *any* body of water. Old habits die hard.





Oh wait! You are wondering who Bertha Butt is, roight? Is it yer fav-o-rite blahgger? Or maybe some other entity… Who/what? I’ll let you guess. In the meantime, here is a link to Bertha Butt by the late Jimmy Castor from a short period during my college days when The Bump was a Hot Dance. Or something. Although I do remember being in bars bumping butts with people I didn’t really want to bump butts with. I’ll give you a hint. My butt is not big enough to hold car-sized boulders inside it 💩

Oh my, two smiley poops in one blahg entry.

One Response to “Bertha Butt is Back”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Smiley poops? I need to work on my emojis! Alison is taking a week off for Norway and it’s super busy this week, so it’s going to be stressful for her to be gone. That’s the beauty of teaching; I can’t do anything without my students. 🙂 Beautiful pics!