kindergartenartWell, first, Someone just asked me if WE had an mLive account. Whaaaaa? He meant for making comments on mLive news stories. Well… 1) I do not EVER comment on news sites. 2) If I DID have an mLive commenting account, it would be MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT and I would not share it with anyone, Not Even the GG. Or maybe especially not the GG, since his polly-tickal opinions often vary a weeeeee bit from mine. We’re both complex polly-tickal aminals so don’t try to figger that one out. I’ll just say that I usually tell him who I’m voting for (often vociferously) but I don’t usually know who *he’s* voting for. It may or may not match who I am voting for. And that’s okay. I love that we have our own opinions about things and don’t try to control each other’s vote. (We’ll talk about joint couple email/social media accounts some other day although there are a couple couples who get a pass on that one from yer fav-o-rite blahgger.)

That would be an Unidentified Non-Flying Object in the pic. The GG was about to crash out for the night in the moomincabin downstairs bedroom the other night when he looked up and saw a Squirrel Tail hanging out of the eaves. I’ll spare y’all that particular pic. It’s on FB if you are friends with him. The squirrel has probably been dead for a couple years. We don’t get a lot of aminals in the moomincabin but we think the squirrel got down the chimney somehow and couldn’t get out.

But whatever. I’m not sure whether or not the squirrel tail caused the GG to look up into the eaves in general but he did do that and one of the things that he found was this artifact of my childhood. A bunch of us beach urchins created these things engineered by Frank Springer. He was a wonderful friend of our Regen-cousins and became a friend of my parents too and we were all buddies with the Springer kids back in the day. As an added bonus, he was also friendly with the mysterious Doelle family who owned the spooky old lighthouse-keeper’s house at the end of the beach and it was via him that we actually got to tour the old place. He also engineered a little plaster of paris (?) project on the beach a billion years ago and this was my effort. The Commander apparently saved it and I guess I will too…

Mr. Springer was a person who died way too young.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt and I were also very different politically; he was a Libertarian and I am more liberal. However, we muddled along fine for the most part, as long as we didn’t discuss the death penalty. Then some yelling might have been involved, mostly on my part. 😉