Code Brown

pond1Welcome to The Planet Ann Arbor’s beautiful far west side where there have been six (count ’em) power outages/brownouts this summer. We have endured three (or was it four?) although we were out of town for one (two?) of them. Fortunately, our ice cubes were intact, meaning that our freezer kept things cold. Not that there is much in our freezer although I would hate to lose my stash of Uncle Peter’s pasties.

I dunno if it was the power outage or not but for whatever reason, our first night home was a restless one. It was ultra dark and I was hot and the bed linens were totally disheveled and someone (we won’t say who) was jumping up and down like a jack-in-the-box most of the night. No particular issue that I know of, just one of those nights. When I left for Cubelandia this morning, that person was so comatose I didn’t even try to talk to him (yes he was breathing). When I got to work I texted him “Text me when you are sentient”. He did and I texted back a short but detailed grokkery list. I knew I would not have time for the grokkery store today and I didn’t. Why a detailed grokkery list? Because man. Like, orange juice with *some* pulp but not so much pulp that you can’t pour it out of the container and please don’t get anything with added calcium because that stuff tastes nasty. I cannot be too critical because I have made my own label-reading mistakes, like mistakenly grabbing “Mexican flavored” tomato paste instead of plain (just yuck) or gluten-free tortillas or (recently at the park store) some sort of gloopy teriyaki “marinade” instead of regular old soy sauce. Hey the bottle looked the same…

Cubelandia? Me, Cube Nayber, Tall Boss, and probably a few others have been outta town for a while and my normally cozy little job kind of went nutso today as we all crash landed. You wouldn’t understand my job even if I tried to describe it to you but my team is down a person (because she retired). My work load looms but I was ready for it because the two weeks I had at the moominbeach made me ready for it as much as I wished I could stay there longer.

So here is the “pond” down at the Miller/Attie end of the beach and that is where Mouse re-homed a frog who was struggling in the waters of Lake Superior.

I am taarrred tonight and I hope we don’t lose power again. I am kind of missing my sleeping bag up there at the moomincabin. I am so comfortable in that thing and I slept so well there…

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