Bumpity clunk

And so sooner or later, I find myself schlepping down the street with my backpack slung over my shoulders, heading to the Plum Market again. It wasn’t the worst drive ever but there were a few slowdowns and we took a couple of strategic detours to avoid other slowdowns that looked problematical. What the heck did we ever do without google maps?

We have driven tandem with family members many times before but today we were a train of three vee-hickles. I liked it best when I was in the middle where I pretty easily keep track of both beach urchins, one in front, one behind. I suspect that one beach urchin kind of liked keeping track of us too. The other I suspect could take it or leave it and may have been humoring us a bit. We were glad to have her company (so to speak) before we lost track after a nasty left turn out of Frank’s outfitters (or whatever it is, it was mainly a bathroom stop for us although we did buy a kayak there once) onto M13 in heavy traffic a bit north of Bay City. I’ll leave it to y’all to guess who was who. Both are pretty darn independent not to mention road warriors, both of which are good things.

I could’ve done without the garbage mishap I suffered after I got home. In which I dumped all of the recycling from the cabin and some newspapers, etc., that had accumulated in the house into the “recycle” bin, the one I keep directly around the corner from the front door. Problem. I didn’t look at the bins or read the labels on them. I had dumped it all into the GARBAGE bin! Garbage Woman that I am, I did not enjoy the task of dredging everything out of both bins and switching it. I squelched myself from yelling at the GG for putting the wrong bin next to the door. The truth is that I think it was my neighbor MofPNet making an innocent mistake. A few of us have given permission to each other to use each others bins if necessary. I am always on the receiving end of extra garbage given that we USUALLY don’t have a lot (there are exceptions). But we all pay the same tax rate for the same bins so what the heck. And so I am guessing MofPNet used my bins while I was gone and put them back cattywampus.

I was kind of roto about leaving the moomincabin this morning. Cleaning every last dish and schlepping every last dirty linen into garbage bags to take south to wash. This is all tricky and it drives the OCD part of my personality that I try to shove back into the shadows too far up into a front and center batshit place that I have to work hard to squelch. So, there is always that last towel or dish cloth that you use after you think you have packed up the laundry. Or that piece of trash that needs to go into the garbage after you have packed up the garbage. So we left a few teensy-tinesy loose ends this time but it’s okay because the ones we left are not stinky (aka a couple of skirts that I left on hangers upstairs, what was I thinking?) and the GG is going back up there later this week to pick up the Lyme Lounge and head out to work on North Country Trail maintenance and he can get them.

My Mouse finally said something like “let’s make a *plan* instead of trying to time things. When she included a beach walk in that plan, I was on board (although I think I was still doing stoopid OCD stuff).

So we did walk. The four of us. The pic is the “pond” at the Miller/Attie end of the beach. (Forget the pic, we are now in a lovely brownout.) And then we all headed out through Brimley and down Tilson Road to Rudyard where we picked up the I75 SUV Speedway. Across the Big Mac and down down down. And here we are on the Planet Ann Arbor, work tomorrow hi ho.

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  1. jane Says:

    Hey – welcome back! would love to catch up with you some evening this week – let me know if that’s possible. I am planning to drive up on Friday afternoon (ETD 1:30ish depending on work stuff). and then back down on Monday or Tues (ETD depending on weather – beach day? later departure. 😉