Currant tomatoes and other random Saturday stuff on the Planet Ann Arbor

It’s Saturday and… You know what I do on a Saturday morning on the Planet Ann Arbor, roight? I walk down to the farmers market and somebody picks me up and drives me and my crapload of produce home. I didn’t buy as much as I usually do today but that was only because Farmer John is in full swing at Cubelandia and I have bought a lot of stuff at work. Still, I snagged the first lima beans I have seen this season and lettuce (which Farmer John does not carry) and strawberries and raspberries and scallions and what else? I fergit. The GG was with me so we went inside and got some rainbow trout from Monahan’s and ribeye hearts from Sparrow Meats. I always like to take pics of the beauteous bounty at the market but it’s a challenge for someone without eight arms. I did leave the GG yakking with Victoria and Jim to get this reflectionistic pic.


This was a day of [mostly] nitsy little chores, the kind where you do a million things but feel like you haven’t accomplished a dad-blasted thing at the end of it all. The usual Saturday housecleaning stuff plus we made a mini-run to the Kiwanis Thrift drop-off and then to the Scrap Box and then I went downstairs to mobilize my sewing musheen to repair the rip in my backpack. But… Before I could do that, I decided I had to clean the dust and RODENT CRAP off of the top of my sewing desk. And that led to… A general clean out of all of the sewing tools, etc., that have been accumulating in that desk in more years than I am strong enough to count. So I have a new bag of stuff for Kiwanis or Scrap Box or whatever and a lean and mean pared down set of sewing tools. Kids, you do not want these cast offs. You already have two or three or whatever of each.

I also processed food. Three (more) baggies of Farmer John’s green beans in the freezer, a couple (more) baggies of Farmer John’s green peppers (chopped) in the freezer, and washed this week’s lettuce. I set myself up outside to process the green beans. I do it by hand with no k’niffies or anything, just snap off the ends, then snap the beans into two or three pieces. So I was sitting there in the zen of processing beans and a couple of things happened simultaneously. One, the GG sent me the tomato pic below.


Tomatoes? Say what? Before I could process the fact that there were actual tomatoes ripening in our yard this year, the GG was yelling for me to get up and look into the sky! It was a B29 bomber flying right over our house. That was one of the planes my old coot flew back in WWII. So cool.

After I finished processing the green beans, I went to harvest the tomatoes and found that they were about the size of the Titanium Pinky’s tip. See pic below and note that my hands are very small (but very dexterous!). Mouse had told me much earlier in the summer that they were currant tomatoes (think cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes, etc.).


At the end of the day, we schlepped downtown to meet the Grand Poobah and her accomplice The Marquis at one of our fave places, the Red Hawk Bar and Grill for dinner. I did not approve of the GG’s choice of T-shirt tonight. It kind of reminds me of the time we were buying the Landfill and for reasons I cannot remember for the life of me, we were carrying thousands of dollars in cash across town from one bank to another and he thought that a Shaky Jake *tank top* was appropriate attire for that transaction. I made him put a regular shirt on over that tank top. I will not even try to put my opinion about wearing the tshirt he wore tonight in public in my blahg. Ummmm…



2 Responses to “Currant tomatoes and other random Saturday stuff on the Planet Ann Arbor”

  1. Sam Says:

    JCB chose a bake-at-home fresh pizza that had currant tomatoes atop for his b-day dinner in Salisbury (UK), only I didn’t know that’s what they were called. Good pizza!

    I also snap the beans by hand (when I have them); makes more sense that way. I find snapping beans somewhat more zen than extracting peas from pods….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I can’t see what the tee-shirt says!! I have quite a few cherry tomatoes ripe, but not many big ones. 🙁