Pokemon trio after another long, productive tomato canning day


In which yer fav-o-rite blahgger spent another day, or a good portion thereof, chopping up ‘maters. What was it? 30 pounds? We were canning diced tomatoes today. Last week we canned tomato sauce. My Mouse canned marinara sauce on Wednesday when she had the day off but that was @Mousehouse and I wasn’t there because I was chained up over at Cubelandia. Tomato juice got slopped all over the Landfill Chitchen today but it is sparklingly clean this afternoon. I know how to clean a chitchen but my mouse surpasses me and I don’t think she learned it from me (or her grandmother). And she uses a “floor cloth”. I will have to institute that practice.

Not all of us were all that productive today but that depends upon how you define productive. The GG slept most of the morning but woke up long enough to cook a bratwurst lunch on the grill. And drink a beer. Which may be why he also slept a lot of the afternoon. But I think that’s what he needed to do today.


Can I just interject here to say that hot dog buns are one of the banes of my existence. When I buy a package of say five bratwursts, I want to be able to get, you know, *five* buns. Not possible. Since we don’t consume tubular kinds of meat products very often, when we do (and we are [usually] only two, so we don’t even eat five bratwurst at one meal fer kee-reist), there are usually a whole bunch of blasted buns left. Which I usually freeze, which isn’t all that good because they usually sit in the freezer way too long and I usually end up throwing them in the compost.

This weekend, karma worked out for us. We had three bratwurst that needed to be cooked. But we didn’t have any buns, at least I didn’t think we did. I put them on my list, or so I thought. I went to the Plum yesterday and I got the five items on my list. Hot dog buns were not on it. As I was walking by the bread I was thinking, “I need something from here. Don’t I? English muffins? Nope.” This morning I went to the Plum again. I definitely had hot dog buns on my list this time. Somehow somehow somehow, something pricked my memory. Before I left for the Plum, I opened the freezer and there were three not-that-old hot dog buns. And so, we got rid of both the buns and the bratwurst today. I know you are thinking I am nuts for making this stupid little story into a blahg post but that’s how it rolls around here sometimes.


At the end of the day, my Mouse and I walked over to Miller Woods and came across this pokeberry bush (or whatever) on which we found pokeberries in all phases of formation. The pics in this post represent three of those phases.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I have that same issue with hot dog buns. I don’t really eat hot dogs any more because it would take me forever to get through them. That’s one of the hard parts about living alone.