Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

tinhelmetWhat are you gonna do when they come for you you retire? When you are about to retire from your career, this is one of the FAQs. I am not about to retire from my career so I don’t get that question. But I have heard the question a lot since both TP and the Queen Bee retired this year and I have to be on my best behavior to not be annoyed when it is asked. Don’t ask why I feel that way. I’m not sure I even know.

Anyway, the first morning of The Pensioner’s retirement, Mercury made a transit of the sun (I think that’s the right description for what happened but I ain’t no astronomer so bite me if it’s not) and he set up his telly-scope in various places to watch the transit. He also built me a new compost structure and some new steps for the back slider. After that? It is different every day. There’s the useful stuff that it’s so hard for two full-time workers to do, like taking vee-hickles in for service, fixing things around the house, doing yard work, opening the moomincabin, etc. There’s useful volunteer stuff like doing trail maintenance on the North Country Trail. There’s personally beneficial stuff like hiking and kayaking and reading and pursuing other hobbies, etc. And then there are days like today…

Mouse’s reaction to this photooo, texted this afternoon was, “Does someone maybe need to go get a job?”. Yes, indeed. If we have come to that. If you embiggen you *may* be able to see who is in the reflection in my onion glasses. Ever since The Pensioner has gotten serious about talking about retirement, he has been “teasing” me by occasionally tuning in a certain “entertainer” on the radio. AM talk radio that is. Can you guess who? I am not a “bleeding heart” liberal but I believe that there are people who need help and those of us who can afford to need to help, up to a point. I am also wondering how the heck we ended up with the two presidential candidates we will have to choose from this fall but for me common sense in this polly-tickle season falls well to the left of the current center, if that makes any sense.

Whenever The Pensioner listens to this particular entertainer, I can’t help but remember his [quite conservative] father’s opinion about the person. TP’s mom, in the last years of her life, enjoyed watching him on TV. I could not hold it against her. I can love someone who holds different polly-tickle views than I do and I figured that anyone who had raised 10 kids and probably half the neighborhood kids too could choose to admire whoever she wanted. TP’s dad? “That [insert entertainer here but change the pronunciation of the last syllable in his name from “aw” to “o”] oughtta be shot.” That was so many years ago and I miss those wonderful parents-in-law so much sometimes.

Anyway, I got off on quite a bit of a tangent there but this is the pic that was texted to me at work today. It provided great entertainment to me and others and I can’t really complain that he spent his time on such a silly thing today. He is SUPPOSED to be TAKING IT EASY. The reason why is not blahggable but it is not easy for a guy like The Pensioner to DO NOTHING!

5 Responses to “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

  1. TMOTU Says:

    … The hat should be worn when listening to Rush Limbaugh. It protects against wifi and other electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I was a bit confused about the entertainer’s identity because I was thinking of a singer or actor. Is it RL? Ewww!! I am talking about/thinking about retirement but am hoping for no tin foil hat. 🙂

  3. Sam Says:

    The phrase “control issues” keeps surfacing in my brain in response to hat-man’s new chapeau.

  4. Tonya Says:

    Oh, holy crap! Bwahahaha! (No tinfoil hats in THIS retired household!)

  5. Marquis Says:

    In our unpacking today we discovered a present for Mr. Bill that we neglected to give. No worries though, because I’ll be forwarding it by mail. Maybe it will help him with his brainwashing or whatever he was trying to do with the tinfoil hat.