Oh the humanity

donoteatI do not know what this plant is. I posted it on facebook and Our Northern Correspondent identified it as ginseng and she is probably correct. She knows a heckuva lot more about plants than I do. One of my cousins simply said, “Don’t eat it!” I didn’t. Living a few blocks from two grocery stores, I am not reduced to foraging for food in the mini-woods behind my house. I ate leftover chicken shwarma. It’s Summer 2016’s Thing around here.

It always seems like there’s some kind of a Summer Thing. One year at the moomincabin it was pita chips with hummus. I still make pita chips once in a while (I *buy* hummus because I am not a fanatic) but that summer it was every other day. Once we actually recruited Grandroobly to pick up some pita bread from Glen’s Grokkeries. Grokkery stores were not among Grandroobly’s usual hangouts, at least not without The Commander herding him around, and I had to make him a map so he could find the pita bread. I’m not exactly sure how he managed to pay for it. I suppose he did it with cash. He was a banker and definitely used plastic cards back in the day but after they installed those swipers at the checkout, he would go over by the door and wait while The Commander did the deed. He never did quite make the transition to that kind of technology. Odd in a way I suppose because his daughter (meeee) *designs* internet banking functionality. Or maybe not odd, since he was a banker.

Anyway, today was one of the longest days ever and involved a lot more w-a-i-t-i-n-g than my foot-tapping gotta-keep-it-going personality could handle. There was also a bit more humanity than I could tolerate although I was also annoyed at myself for feeling like a snob because who the heck am I to judge other people for using the illiterate sounding speech patterns that have probably been embedded in their families for generations. In the end, when I got home, there was a freezer ‘hattan waiting for meeeee! Yay!

One Response to “Oh the humanity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love hummus and veggies or pita chips to dip in it! Is the shwarma East Indian food? If so, I would like that too!