Barefoot and pregnant (the first but not the second)


I have spent approximately 17 months of my life pregnant (one child 1 week early, the other 3 weeks early so do the math). I have spent many more moons than I can count going barefoot. Especially at the moomincabin. When we were kids, we took our shoes off the minute we arrived there after school got out in June and didn’t put them back on until the day after Labor Day, when we went back to school. (I actually always loved going back to school (except for the doggamn review of stuff that I had learned the last year) but that’d be a whole ‘nother post)

I am barefoot in the Landfill Chitchen now and most of the time except for when it’s cold and I have my Smartwool socks on. I am not a housewife. I am a Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. I adopted that title from one of my fave childhood TV series, My Three Sons, because that’s how Uncle Charlie, a war veteran, served the family. I do all that stuff (and I love doing all of it) plus mom stuff. Or I used to mom stuff when my beach urchins were small. They are grown-up Amazon Women now and I am proud of them but they don’t need me in the same way as they did once upon a time.

So, when I got home today I was a bit confused because the GG was not here. That was okay but the last few weeks, he has usually been around when I get home and often napping. After some text messages this afternoon, it turned out that he was at the Plum Market. Of all places. Asking if I needed anything. I did. I had a little grokkery list that I was gonna take over there after work today. The GG is great about picking up grokkeries but I had some very specific stuff on my list and I didn’t have the psychological strength at that particular moment to make a Man List. Plus I needed to walk.

So I took my own trip over to the Plum and we met there. I said something like, “Go pay for your stuff and go home.” And so he did. And then I paid for my stuff and started walking home. And there was the GG ahead of me.


I love that the GG can shop and cook for himself if he needs to but I am still the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer around these parts.

2 Responses to “Barefoot and pregnant (the first but not the second)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My parents use that expression! Your stories of the GG really make me miss being married. I will never marry again, but I do have many wonderful memories.

  2. Marquis Says:

    Did the package arrive yet?