Click [and read] before sharing

bearwomanI have nothing. I am feeling overwhelmed with “information” these days. I felt overwhelmed with “information” as I drove to work today, listening to National Petroleum Radio. I was definitely overwhelmed with information at my work today but that’s what my work is all about and I can handle that and even occasionally rock it. I felt overwhelmed by “information” as I was driving home this afternoon, listening to National Petroleum Radio.

Again, again, again. Research, research, research. Facebook folks. Please please please… Before you share an article, please research the source. I’m talking to people on both “sides” of this bizarre presidential election as well as those who habitually share links to other non-political weird stuff that isn’t true. I mean, do you get up and pour yourself a cuppa and sit down to surf the internet and hit “share” 25 times or whatever without even reading the article? Do you have a JOB???? I have never unfriended ANYONE but I have hidden a few people, even those I love in real life, because WTF is your point? If you are reading this, I have NOT hidden you.

Oh, the bear! It is on the door to the ladies powder room at the bowling alley in Roscommon. Bear Woman. This bowling alley is wonderful, as I wrote about last week. The backside of that door has an eagle.

2 Responses to “Click [and read] before sharing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I stay away from politics right now, and if you’ve read some of my past FB posts, I URGE people to fact check, which has gotten me unfriended by several people. Good riddance.

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    We will have to try the bowling alley in Roscommon. Sounds wonderful from your earlier post.