Good night Roooomba, Good night Roooomba, Good night Rooooooomba, You’ve done your job today

What did you do today? Our wonderful young neighbors asked us that. Well. I made three lasagnes (two Italian sausage and one veg = spinach/patty-pan squash). I am sending them up to Tahq (frozen) with the GG to share with our NCT buddies during a session of trail maintenance. I hope it all works out. With the lasagne that is, although I also have my fingers crossed that I will be driving to *Tahq* to meet up with the GG and friends, and NOT War Memorial. Don’t wanna do that again. Do NOT wanna do that again.

Oh yeah, I also made something for us to eat tonight and it’s probably enough for the next few nights and probably some of it’ll get frozen for later consumption. What did I make? Eggplant/patty-pan squash parmesan. So that’s what I did. The GG tinked around with various prodjects including all of the outdoor crapola. We always put the outdoor crapola at the moomincabin inside when we close it but it doesn’t seem to happen down here at the Landfill. I don’t really know how much progress was made today but I’ll take what I can get. The neighbors did child-care and dog stuff and went to the skate park party a few blocks away. I don’t think they are skate boarders but it was a FUN party at Vet’s Park. Make no mistake. We love these neighbors and hope they stay here!

We haven’t done the whole Sunday morning “pick you up on Arborview” thing since maybe early July. We did it today. I left for my walk and the GG picked me up as I was walking up Arborview and we schlepped down to the River to walk the Barton Dam nature area. As we were walking across the footbridge into the park, it was 7:11 and I checked my phone for today’s sunrise. 7:11. I took some pics, very lightly commentated.



I almost couldn’t get this pic. It was so bright that I struggled to shield my eyes from the sun. And don’tcha love the lens flare?


And then there was this well-known symbol under the railroad bridge. This dern thing wakes me up most nights. I have [mostly] made my peace with it. (Where the heck was the train today?)


And finally… I did not find my QOFE badge but I did find this. Except I’m not sure that that it’s even mine. I can think of a couple other people it could possibly belong to. I found it in a big bead-type mess that was mostly mine so not sure whose it is. But I am gonna adopt the sentiment ANYWAY 🐸 (Click to embiggen.)


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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love lasagna, although I’m not too sure about eggplant. 🙂 What is patty-pan? I love your photos; my iPhone doesn’t take such great ones, or maybe it’s just me. Probably. LOL