Lasagne factory

Lasagne factory stage one anyway. I didn’t finish my Lasagne Prodject today but I am halfway there.

I love when I wake up in the middle of the night and it is raining cats and dogs. This was what some people are calling a “tropical rain” and I kind of understand what they mean by that. It was warm walking down to the farmers market (in the dark) this morning and the rain varied between light and drizzle the whole way. No lightning though. No thank you. A hiker was hit by lightning on the North Country Trail over the Labor Day weekend and died. Not our section, thank you very much. It was on the section that goes along the Manistee River (I have hiked a few Bob Miles of that section of trail) but it could happen anywhere.

Anyway, my walk today was gorgeous and here is the view from inside Kerrytown, where we sit to drink our coffee when it is too cold or wet to sit outside.


The next shot is gratuitous in every way. I wanted to get a simple shot of the market at, oh I dunno, 7:30 AM, when it isn’t crowded yet. You can see the GG there in his tie-dye. A couple of other folks are also in the shot. The woman in red is Sabra, one of our city council members. I don’t always agree with her but I have grown to love her. (She doesn’t represent my ward so I can’t vote for or against her.). And that’s her husband with the cane. They are at the market just about every time I am. (I betcha the GG didn’t know who they were 🐸)


Yes, we made a run down to the Kiwanis Thrift Shop today. We didn’t have a whole lot but every little bit counts. The GG seems to think we are about at the end of our flinging. I disagree. I want to fling some of the old in-law furniture (both sides) that is hanging around in the Landfill Dungeon. We’ll get there.


Today was a Umich Football Saturday and maybe that’s why the GG suggested we walk down to the Griz for a beer lunch. We did that all last year but kind of abandoned it sometime in the spring so we could concentrate on yard chores, etc. I guess it was *time*. Our fave bartender Janelle was not there (but she still works there) but Erica was (and we love her too). We got our usual side of mac-n-cheese and a coleslaw to split.


Of course, I spent the ENTIRE time we were drinking beer/whine eating lunch trying to figure out when we purchased our iPhone 6Ss. I spend my [work] life doing modern-style archaeological digs and I am pretty dern good at it and I eventually figured out that we bought our most recent iPhones about a year ago. The GG had set an alarm to get up at that batscope hour a few weeks before that to order our phones. He ordered our phones and they arrived a few weeks later. The ordering process was difficult and I have kind of forgotten the whole thing. But I did figure this stuff out. The iPhone 7? I’m not quite ready… But you never know…


That white aminal is Soft Seal. The Commander created Soft Seal. The beach urchins loved Soft Seal. Soft Seal has kind of prickly whiskers. The beach urchins loved Soft Seal *anyway*. Those prickly whiskers were part of Soft Seal’s charm.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love waking up in the night to the sound of rain, but would rather not go to work in it. I teach in a portable, so I have to walk everywhere. 🙂 That meal looks delish. I love fancy mac and cheese. And of course, beer too!