Hidden beauty

turtleCute? Yes! It’s Wee Turtle, maybe a wee bit bigger than one of my small-but-agile hands. Click and click again to check out Wee Turtle’s coloring. I couldn’t really see how pretty from my vantage point, which was in bright sunlight with the probably terrified Wee Turtle cowering inside her/his shell. Red markings? Who knew? I moved on PDQ after I got this shot. I was happy that Wee Turtle was pointed in the direction of the pond, rather than the parking lot.

Other than that? Writer’s block? Big time! How is it Wednesday already? I get up. I take a shower. I walk for an hour. I nitz around the Landfill for an hour or so picking at little cleaning chores and eating some sort of brek. I am a big fan of leftovers for breakfast, at least on work mornings. My niece Pengie used to eat things like leftover hamburgers [or once salami] for brek when she was a young child at the moomincabin. I could say that I emulate her when I eat weird stuff for brek but the truth is that I was doing that kind of thing well before she was born. Maybe it’s some kind of weird genetic trait that we both have inherited? I dunno and I won’t say anything more about that.

“Miles, you are off on a tangent”, said Mr. Toolan in high school when my chemistry lab partner (Miles) asked, well I can’t remember now. I didn’t have a crush on Miles (or maybe I did despite myself) but I liked him a lot and later on, my good high school boyfriend was good friends with his older brother and I’m not sure I have a point here so I will quit while I am [maybe] ahead. Or not. But kinda wondering where Miles is now. Not to mention his brother and wife and their children and probably grandchildren and likely great-grandchildren by now. I hope Miles is still alive and that he found his way into a nice life with a good job and partner. He was very smart and sweet and deserved all of the best stuff life has to offer.

And so I do a bunch of stuff around the Landfill most mornings and then I make my slow cruise over to Cubelandia. This morning I had some stuff I had to take to the post office u-scan. Now that the GG is retired, I sometimes hand off tasks like that to him and he seems happy to help me out, which is great! But I needed to do this stuff myself.

And so goodnight! (And love y’all)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love eggs for breakfast if I have time, or whole wheat muffins with peanut butter. I like the name Miles. Can you Facebook stalk him? 😉