redplaidnationI don’t wear red-plaid Stormy Kromer hats (or any Stormy Kromer hats (don’t buy me one)) and I don’t wear red-plaid vests or jackets or much of anything else. I have my own loverly set of winter hats. They are much more sparkly than Stormy Kromer hats. If Stormy ever decides to add sequins and things to his hats, I might be interested. Until then, not so much. And if they create hats with sequins and things, ask me first, please.

So how do I comply with #redplaidnation if I don’t like to wear red plaid hats and jackets and vests and whatever. I am a Real Woman and Real Women wear skirts (if they want to) and I have been looking for YEARS for a red-plaid skirt that would be appropriate for my hiking activities. My requirements are that it be more or less knee-length and there is an elastic waist. Oh, and that it doesn’t look like a sexy Catholic school girl Halloween costume. Jeebus.

I ordered this skirt from an Etsy vendor and it arrived today and I LOVE it. It fits and it is short enough that I can hike in it. It is presented as a biz-caz clothing item and it works for that and I’ll probably wear it to work but it will also work for hiking in the woods.

So the GG completed the moomincabin closing today and is now encamped up at the gorgeous Tahquamenon River Mouth campground. I worked today. I love my work but man oh man, I would love to be camping in the Lyme Lounge tonight.

3 Responses to “#redplaidnation”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a beautiful skirt and the sandals match perfectly!! I’ve branched into skorts lately and they are comfy, but way shorter than that. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Does it have pockets? What has it gots in its pocketssss?

  3. TMOTU Says:

    good jorb. I’ve been waiting a long time!