And this is what my hair looks like today

vacbrushOh, just kidding. Even without any blow-drying or anything, my hair caused quite the stir over at Cubelandia today, interrupting any kind of productive work for more time than I would’ve wanted since I actually have, y’know, work to do. It didn’t help that today is also Talk Like a Pirate Day. At any rate, the Benevolent Despot spent quite a bit of time in my row today and everyone was expounding on how often they wash their hair (or don’t). TMI? In some cases, like when one of the not-as-frequent hair-washers mentioned that they sometimes ask their spouse to smell their hair. I also discovered another person who doesn’t like to camp if they cannot wash their hair in the morning. I *knew* I wasn’t the only one.

And then there was the whole discussion about hair salons. Where did I get this beautiful haircut done? Detroit. Downtown? Yes. Like, DOWNTOWN? Yes. DOWNTOWN. As in big skyscrapers all over the place. Then Louie-Louiiiii started talking about getting his “hair” done and people began to “ridicule” him (it’s okay, he dishes out as much as he receives and we all respect each other) because L-L is not known for an abundance of hair. I told them all that the gentleman sitting in the chair next to me resembled L-L (except he had a bit of a beard). If it were me, I would just wash and go (I mean, that’s what I usually do anyway) but this gentleman was getting some good treatment there. Maybe that’s all that matters for some people and I think that’s okay.

So the pic is a vacuum cleaner attachment with a history of sorts. Many years ago as a new home owner, I was gifted with various used vacuum cleaners. The one that Bolette gave me scared everyone except my dad, who was an excellent vacuumer, and although I think Lizard Breath had it in Kzoo her senior year, it didn’t come home. Good riddance! The Electrolux that was in my uncle’s doctor’s office when I was a child is another story. That thing is still around and it rocks. Except that many years ago, I lost my beloved brush attachment. I looked and looked and looked for that thing and could *not* find it anywhere. I’m sure I bugged the GG about where it might be but I never got any kind of a response.

So a couple weeks ago, the GG / Pensioner was messing around with the Electrolux and HE ACTUALLY ASKED ME WHERE THE BRUSH ATTACHMENT WAS!!! !!! !!! WHAT?! I DO NOT KNOW! I ASKED YOU THAT QUESTION REPEATEDLY MANY YEARS AGO. I DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT IS. And then. Hmmmm… I thought something like “eBayyyyyy”… Clickety click. I found it at something like Easy Vac. $10.00 or thereabouts. It arrived today. It fits! (There was some question about that.) I am so excited. So, in the last few days, I have been excited about a fancy haircut and an Electrolux vacuum attachment. And the beat goes on.

And I’m sure we’ll find the original brush attachment one of these days.

One Response to “And this is what my hair looks like today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I used to have a brush like that–don’t know where it went! I bet your hair looked great today. 🙂 It makes me want to grow my hair that long.