Late afternoon, late summer


I do not know who is managing the Haisley Garden but it has been thriving this year. A couple days ago, I walked by it and I happened to notice a “thicket” of morning glories. I wanted to take a picture but I had experienced quite a long day including working (I mean my job) and driving 40 miles north for a baby shower. Tired doesn’t exactly describe my state of being at that moment but I *didn’t* take a photo then. I’ll get back there tomorrow (or the next day), I thought…

By the time I did get back there, it was today (and I almost forgot so had to backtrack) and the morning glories were not exactly open. I don’t exactly think they are fading (or whatever). I am thinking that we have had [arguably] unseasonably hot sunny weather (I am enjoying it) and that they are being bombarded with more hot sun than might be optimal. Oh well. What else can I photograph? All of the flowers in the photo. Are they dahlias? I’m not sure. And whether or not they are dahlias, how do you say dahlias? You say Day-lias and I say Dah-lias? Is there a correct pronunciation? I don’t know if it really matters although it probably does matter that I eventually figured out that “Colonel” was pronounced “kernel” and not how it looks and that “Chicago” was not “Chick-a-go”. Jeebus.

2 Responses to “Late afternoon, late summer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I say Dahlyuhs. Probably wrong, but I don’t care. 🙂 We are having perfect fall weather right now: sun and high 60s. Love it!

  2. Sam Says:

    Three are zinnias—workhorse flowers, I think of ’em. Upper right, I dunno offhand. I say Dahlyuhs; did you know they’re native to the New World?