Hooray for a two shower day! ’cause a duck may be somebody’s mother

streetlightI heard Louie-Louiiiii and Gabby talking about showers today. I didn’t quite catch what L-L said about his shower habits but Gabby was saying he couldn’t walk out of his house in the morning without taking a shower. I didn’t join the conversation. I don’t mind talking to men about safe-for-work-type showering habits but somehow talking about that topic with men *at* work doesn’t pass the breakfast test. But I wanted to say that I agreed with Gabby! I also cannot leave my house[cabin/trailer/whatever] in the morning without a shower! This morning? I got up and took my [usual] shower and then I went out for my [usual] walk and when I got back from my walk, I felt like I had taken another shower, this one being without the benefit of soap/shampoo. I was wearing a $200 (!) rain jacket and using an umbrella. I got wet *anyway*! I changed into dry clothing (and washed my feet, don’t ask) when I got back and now that I am home from a full day of work plus, my wet clothing from this morning is *still* hanging out drying in the bat[h]room.

And then there is the streetlight saga (it isn’t a saga yet but we’ll see). A HUGE tree fell on December 28, 2015. It fell in my neighborhood and it fell on the sidewalk(s) between the woods, as you can see. I walk there every day as do many other neighbors. The streetlight has been out ever since. They (I think the school district) eventually fixed the fence. The one that had already been destroyed many years ago by ANOTHER tree that fell down. The streetlight is still out. I think it belongs to the city. I didn’t think about it much over the winter. I figger that when it’s colder than hell out, it’s unlikely that someone is gonna be hanging out by the woods at 0-skunk-30 looking to molest baggy old women. And then it was spring/summer so it was light out when I walked in the morning so I could see. But here we are going into the dark side of the year and it is totally dark when I walk through this area when I begin my walk and barely light when I get back. I am still not all that nervous about predators but other people are and I think the city needs to fix the streetlight. And so I downloaded the city’s “fix-it” app and reported the streetlight issue. We’ll see what happens.

2 Responses to “Hooray for a two shower day! ’cause a duck may be somebody’s mother”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope the street light gets fixed! You will probably not like me to share that when I don’t have to go to work, I go a day, sometimes two without showering. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Shower duo for me today, too (unusually).