Stuck in the ozone when your parents call you home

electronicsI think we used to own that dirty white telephone/answering musheen up in the top right. As hard as it is for Landfill denizens to part with “stuff”, we did manage to get rid of that thing when we finally ditched our landline and I can’t even remember how many years ago we did that. I do know that AT&T tried to talk me out of ditching the number that I had had forever with some kind of $5/month deal. Nope. It wasn’t mine to start with. It had originally belonged to my cousin’s boyfriend and I had to do some fast talking to get it transferred over into my name in the first place. But I was done done done with the landline by then. Especially since we had recently figured out it hadn’t been working for I dunno how many months. That was okay. I’m sure it was mostly spam calls. Like the ones we are now getting on our cell phones. At least I can block those. Which helps for a while. Sigh.

I won’t say what’s going on today here at the Landfill except that it involves some often difficult de-acquisitioning. I won’t say what I had to endure at Cubelandia this afternoon except that I was looking around for my blasted weed-whacker (or battle-axe). Earlier today, the GG sent me a newfangled type text message with a heart picture. I showed it to Louie-Louiiii, GoGrannyGo, and Nik. All of us have received the latest IOS upgrade but this function was a surprise to us. Then I received another newfangled type text message from him. He was drawing something this time and, as it loaded, I was wondering whaaaaat it was… I never did figure out what it was but for a moment it looked like it might be NSFW so I swished it away to great laughter. Only two people at my work (of nine years) have ever met the GG. That’s a lot different than when I had my “childhood” career when we both worked at the same place. We carpooled early on and later traded cars (and babies) in the parking lot and everybody at work knew both of us then.

Funny how after all of the years I’ve worked at my “adult” career, the GG has only been over at my work in the parking lot a few times, once to change a flat tire on my beloved old Dogha and a few other times to snag a vee-hickle for service. When I got my “adult job”, I kind of felt like I wanted to go it alone, without my husband “helping” me with anything [beloved as he is]. But maybe I should someday haul the GG into my work for a quick meet-and-greet.

2 Responses to “Stuck in the ozone when your parents call you home”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like having a land line, but part of that is because my cell phone doesn’t get great reception in my house and I hate going into the garage to talk.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Haven’t had a landline for at least a decade. Maybe longer! I don’t miss it for a minute because 99.99999% of calls were telemarketers, in spite of putting my number on the “no call” list numerous times. I have no idea what my number was, but I DO remember our number when I was a child. I think that’s true for a lot of people!