Let there be light for yertle the turtle

turtle1So, when I set off upon my 0-skunk-30 this morning, there was something that looked a little strange between the woods. It looked like a bit like a turtle but I couldn’t exactly tell what it was at first. I got right up close and personal enough to see that it was indeed a turtle. A sandbox turtle, that is. And then… I realized… That I could *see* the dern turtle because… The streetlight was on! LET THERE BE LIGHT! HALLELUJAH! The turtle pic was taken much later than this morning.

This is the streetlight that went out way back on December 28, 2015 when a huge tree fell down outta the north section of woods. A couple weeks ago, after talking to neighbors who were a wee bit nervous about walking their dogs in the pitch black that happens between the woods without the streetlight, I kind of woke up a bit and realized that I could probably report a streetlight issue to the city without having to make an actual, uh, phone call. And yes, I was able to report the outage via an app. I wrote about this a while back…

turtle2I had kind of forgotten about all of that. I went back to the app to see what updates had been made. Just one. The city said that it seemed to be a DTE issue and they had opened a ticket on my behalf. This morning it was fixed. We had power issues earlier in the week (temporary generators throughout the neighborhood, etc.) so I was initially wondering if this light was fixed as part of that effort. But no. I’m sure that this is the first morning that the light was back on, so I think it was an independent fix.

The fun part of all this was connecting with the young neighbor whose house is adjacent to the woods, where the turtle sandbox now resides. She had posted the turtle on the nextdoor neighbor app and I had seen that post (but didn’t reply to it). She had received notified about my streetlight report on the city’s fix-it app.

We are expecting our continuing summer-type weather conditions to take a downward trajectory tomorrow but we have enjoyed the 70s of today. Just before we left the Oscar Tango, I happened to take a look at the weather and lo and behold, the lightning thingy was giving a yellow warning. Hmmm. It didn’t look like major storms were heading in but we bagged walking home in favor of a porterized vee-hickle. We are now hearing thunder and seeing some flashes of lightning in the distance and is that some rain? Yes.

And so, we hung outside under the eaves during the storm. Some heavy rain but not a whole lot of electrical activity. Didn’t really expect rain or lightning tonight but since it happened, I am glad we were able to take a portercab home tonight. Thanks you guys!

I hope that Yertle finds a good home. Alas, I do not need a turtle sandbox around here.

2 Responses to “Let there be light for yertle the turtle”

  1. l4827 Says:

    You’re Welcome, UberPorter

  2. Tonya Says:

    I have a clear memory of Yertle the Turtle. It was some sort of toy (or game?) when I was 5 where you balanced the turtles on this round spinning thing. (My memory of the specifics is vague). On my 5th birthday, I woke up and opened my presents. Which included a Yertle the Turtle game/toy. My dad worked night shift, and so my parents were asleep when I opened my birthday presents. When they woke up and realized that I had climbed up on a high shelf and retrieved my birthday presents, and then opened them, you can imagine that they were NOT PLEASED. (Talk about a birthday spanking…) And yes, they awoke to me playing with Yertle the Turtle.