Happy Plaidurday

Or not. Turns out Plaidurday is the first *Friday* in October. So I missed it. But I wore my red plaid skirt today!

It was a pretty good work day although I wish I could just twinkle my nose like B-Witch used to do and make the mess all disappear. Still, a good haul from the farmers market, various cleaning chores (washed the WINDOWS in the back!), 4-5 boxes of stuff to Kiwanis and a couple old windows to the re-use. One beach urchin’s monstrous old desk almost totally cleaned out and ready for donation. The other desk? The one in the basement? It is full of stuff. Whose stuff? I’ll let you guess. Hint: it is not me or said beach urchin 🐽

Then. Dooya want to walk down to the Griz for mac’n’cheese? Sure thing. We had not seen Jenel since something like April or May and she said something like, “I’m not sure whether I’m happy to see you guys or not!” when we walked in. Yes, it had been a while but she easily remembered what we always order. On the way downtown the GG (can you see his red plaid?) made a new buggly-eyed friend.


After lunch, we headed over to see what was new at DH&G and there was a pickle tasting thingy and the GG enthusiastically joined in (now you can see his red plaid). I like pickles all right but, oh well, it’s complicated. Or not.


After a bit of chainsaw massacre, here is our faaarrrrr. It’s really nice except when the wind kicks up.


Last but not least, it is that season and here is Lucky Jack hanging out with *his* new friend aka Mouse’s jade plant, which lives here nowadays (does it have a name? it needs a name). I can remember The Commander that last fall at FV asking for (or more like “demanding”) her “electric jack-o’-lantern”. I had no clue what she was talking about but fortunately The Beautiful Connie knew exactly what/where he was. And now he lives with me.


All in all, not the most exciting day but we did manage to plod our way through a few more things. More to do… to do do do, to do do do… dah dah dah dah da dah dah dah

One Response to “Happy Plaidurday

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to clean my windows! Add that to the list of chores that I can’t bring myself to start. 🙁 I adore pickles and would have lots of fun at a pickle tasting.