Don’t overload the barrel

Our “pick me up on Arborview” Sunday hiking adventure happened at Our Hiking Lake (aka the West Lake Preserve, near Chelsea). We first encountered this preserve by accident during a rambling road trip into western Washtenaw County. The kind of trip where you turn onto whatever road whenever you feel like it. We love that kind of Sunday Driving but we struggled just a bit to find the preserve the next time we wanted to hike there. We’ve been there enough times to kind of get it (and it’s in the GPS, at least in the Frog Hopper) and this morning I realized it is kind of a straight shot west from our little landfill on the west side of the Planet Ann Arbor. Not sure how many miles but likely 20 or fewer.

We arrived there maybe 20 minutes before dawn and we reached the actual lake *at* dawn. I was thinking maybe we were a little crazy getting there that early but we heard sandhill cranes EVERYWHERE as we were walking the field part of the trail *before* we got to the lake and then when the sun rose, we heard all of the “other” birds wake up. Yes! This is why I like to get up early and go outside! In the photo below, we are facing west and the sun is rising behind us.


Home to, well, what. Yeek. More flinging. It isn’t easy. An exploration into the Library of Sewage yielded an unopened package from, well, when? I do not know. Evidence points to meeeee as the wrapper. Who knows. The GG doesn’t want me to open it until both of the beach urchins are here to watch. I’m not all that enthused about that plan. I’m gonna guess it’s something very boring. But I will wait.


I’m not going any further with this tonight. I think I will sit in the back yard while the GG cooks his chicken.

One Response to “Don’t overload the barrel”

  1. Margaret Says:

    How fun to find an unopened present! Is it a candy bar? 🙂