Ceramic aminals through the ages

ceramic1So, for the most part the desk in the Library of Sewage does not contain beach urchin artifacts but I did find a mini-trove of ceramic creatures. No, I did not throw them out. For one thing they don’t belong to me (although I have no problem donating little plastic dinosaurs and things). But also, the person who made them now has a serious hobby making pottery. She doesn’t make aminals (that I know of) but I thought she might enjoy looking at (or even re-owning) some of her earlier creations. (No rush on the re-owning. They aren’t going anywhere here.)

I’m not exactly sure what this white aminal with the flat back is but I like her enough that I brought her upstairs to display in my kitchen. Not that some of the other artifacts are not worthy of display although I will have to find a special place for the *massive* dinosaur. I have not included a picture and I can’t exactly tell what kind of dinosaur it is. It is purple but it is not Barney. Barney came along a few years after my beach urchins were into toddler TV. And some of them were not *ever* truly into toddler TV. “Oh, those silly guys.” That would be Bert and Ernie. I have to admit that I rather agreed with her. Like how stupid does this get and when does it stop? On the other hand? I loved to make fun of Mr. Rogers when I was a stupid young college student but I *loved* him after I had my kids. What a sweet, gentle man. May he rest in peace.

ceramic2End sappy-ness. Somehow a much earlier ceramic aminal artifact got included in this little stash. It is my own childhood dog Tigger. I have vague memories of creating this little beastie. She had to be yellow and that big tail is sorta spot on for Tig’s big swishy tail. The one that got skunked one time and a lot of the hair had to be cut and it was matted and the whole thing was pretty traumatic for Tig. I think that’s partly because of all of the hair cutting but I also think that she loved having that big swishy tail.

Back in the day, we didn’t groom dogs at all. I’m not saying that dog-grooming is a bad thing. It’s definitely good in terms of not having dog hair blanketing the living quarters you share with your dog. But I kind of wonder what a lot of dogs feel like after a serious grooming. I am pretty sure that Tigger liked her beautiful swishy tail and didn’t like it to be cut. Of course it did grow back and as an baggy old dog, she learned to use it to mosey up to beachwalkers to get them to pat her. Swish swish. I don’t smell like skunk any more.

I think I also made a ceramic Twinkle (cat) artifact. Who knows what happened to that. It may have disintegrated or maybe The Comm just made a decision to pitch it. Which is okay. I’m glad I still have Tiggie after all these years. I loved my cat but Tigger was My Dog.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I also made fun of Mr. Rogers and now love him. Ashley’s artwork is all over the upstairs of our house (and on the walls downstairs) It’s difficult to get rid of.